Monday, October 10, 2016

Flowers are my Music

I haven't binge watched anything since "Orange is the New Black" came out. Over the weekend Dave and I decided to watch "Jessica Jones"... the entire season in two sittings! Even though I was sick, it was still too hard for me to "just sit" and watch, so I created a couple of small collage pieces on canvas as the action played out. I'll post the other one soon.

"Flowers are my Music"

The edges of the canvas are painted, too!
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  1. Oh, gosh, hope you're feeling better! Being sick didn't seem to dampen your spirit. Lovely painting!

    Appreciate what you say about binge watching. I resisted "Breaking Bad" till my daughter challenged me to watch "just one" episode - that's how I know about binge watching. Thank you, Netflix.

    1. Yup, I loved Breaking Bad...I hear ya there! It's really hard for me to "just sit" and watch something. I have to have my hands busy. :-)