Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Man with the Can Plan

There's this fella I've been seeing lately.  He's delightfully bald, in his 60s or early 70s, very tan, has a most beautiful storytelling face, and is in great shape.  He's always shirtless when I encounter him, that's how I know.  I see him running and he's consistently carrying bags...and the number of bags increases when I pass him for the second time in a day.  It's not that I'm fast and lap him or anything, it's that I turn around and double back when I'm out riding my bike.

Anyway, one day one of his bags was kind of transparent and I could finally see what was in there.  Lots and lots of aluminum cans.  And then I got to wondering.  Is he doing it just to clean up?  Is he collecting them so he can make a littel money?  Does he give the cans to a homeless person so they can get a little money?

I think I need to stop and introduce myself to this interesting fella...I want to hear his story.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Warrior Princess

If you know me, you likely know I'm fart phobic (click here for proof)...particularly when it comes to yoga.  Seriously, it's on my "won't do" list.  But last night I conquered my fears.  I downward dogged, I child posed, I warriored, I saluted the sun...and I got through it with nary an issue.  Oh, and did I mention that they also had us in partners, actually touching strangers?!?!  Well, I got through that, too, without hyperventilating and passing out or anything.

Seriously feeling like that warrior I posed as.  Can't wait to do it again!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Pickin's

The little guy and I were driving home this afternoon after dropping one of his friends off.  We were sitting at a red light just yammering on to each other, when...

Little guy:  "Hey, that's dad!"

Me:  "Oh, yeah."

Yup, Dave was at the intersection, too, ninety degrees away from us.

Little guy:  "I think he just picked his nose."

Now, I'm not saying he did or he didn't...but that's definitely a HUGE difference between my husband and myself.  Me?  I would never, ever, ever, EVER pick my nose whilst waiting at a red light.  In fast traffic with no cars beside me, yes, but where someone could get a good long gander at my picking activity, no way.  Dave?  Yup, he absolutely would (again, not saying that he did).

Honestly, I think I could use a bit of swaying toward Dave's way of thinking.

P.S.  Breaking information (post  areading of my blog late at night)...Dave was not picking his nose.  I repeat, Dave was not picking his nose.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Fishy Tale

I'm thinking I'm getting older...or more paranoid...certainly more neurotic.

You see, I've developed a couple of phobias over the past two months of riding my bike on the trails. (I love summer!!)

1. I am terrified of runners' loogies.  You know, like when they just spontaneously send one flying no matter that a sweet little bicyclist is coming from behind...right in the path of said loogie.  Ew!

2.  I am petrified of crazy monkey hand talkers.  And I can say that because I am one (see my blog post about my own hand talking).  As I pass people walking and talking I'm just certain that one of them is going to throw an arm out, surely telling their friend, "The fish was this big," and whack me in the face giving me a black eye or a bloody nose.  Seriously, it could happen!

Course I have to say how much I love that my imagination goes into overdrive on these deliciously long summer rides of mine....

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Racing Stripes

I was driving down the highway today and saw a sporty version of a car like mine.  You know, a Prius with racing stripes.

Me:  "My Prius should totally have racing stripes!"

Little guy:  "Your car doesn't deserve racing stripes, mom."

Me:  "But I want them!"

And with a pout on my face I drove us home.

Me:  "Let's look at it and imagine it with racing stripes."

Little guy:  "Look, mom, you have cat prints all over the hood of your car.  That's more you."

...pretty sure my kid just kind of called me a crazy cat lady.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

A Little Something to Chew On

I quit my gum chewing habit about a month ago.  (I blogged about it because I'm a total dork - Quitting Gum Blog).  No, I didn't fall off the wagon...I still have not indulged.  But what I did do, or almost do, was almost as bad.  You see, the day after I quit I found three partial packs of gum in my school backpack.  I used my self control and tucked them into one of my drawers.  Happened to be my underwear drawer, but that's beside the point, until later that is.

A few days ago I noticed that my big guy had particularly minty breath, a large number of gum wrapper trash all over his desk, and a couple of pack containers.  I thought nothing of it except, perhaps, "poor little gum addict."  Then yesterday I remembered those packs of gum.  I figured, "Hey, I'll be a nice mom and give them to my kids."  You know, just a surprise gift for being awesome and all.  Or if I were to take my own experience with gum into consideration I guess it was more of a, "I'll contribute to the corruption of my children."

Anyway, I went to my drawer, dug around, and only found one pack.  One!  Being the master detective that I am, of course I remembered seeing those packs on my big guy's desk.  I stomped in there carrying the single pack I had found.

Me:  "Did you take two packs of gum out of my drawer?"

Big guy:  "Yup."  The kid is a terrible liar, eye brows getting all twitchy and such.  Thankfully!  Suppose that's why he confessed so easily.


Big guy:  "Nope, I just got your gum."

Me:  "Just so you know, girls don't like that."

And I left and went into my little guy's room and gave him the remaining pack of gum.

...I need to find a new hiding place!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013


I love to ride my bike!  Seriously, it's my favorite accessory.

This morning as I rode around the lake I came to the area where everyone is allowed to have their dogs off leash.  I love this part of the trail.  Happy running dogs are everywhere, running after thrown balls, jumping into the lake, panting full of straight-up bliss.  I always take it slow as I ride know, the dogs own that part, I yield to them.  While most of the dogs are savvy, looking before they dart across the trail, this morning I encountered what must have been a three-ish month old puppy.  It zigged, it zagged, it crossed right in front of me, stopped and just looked..."What the heck is this human on?!?!"  It was the cutest little being ever and totally made my day.

And, like every time I get home from my morning bike rides, my dogs run out and give my bike an olfactory inspection, and then give me that look I both adore and expect...

"You've been with other dogs!"

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our Castle is Almost Complete

We're just four tiles away from having the kitchen/office/laundry room floor from being completed.  Not counting grout and sealing, and moving everything back in from the back yard and carport, of course.  I've been in charge of cementing and placing the tiles.  Dave's been in charge of doing all the cuts that are needed.

And, of course, Dave has come up with the word that totally defines our D.I.Y. project.


Yup, that's when you make a rough estimation of all the laying out and cutting.  And, I must say, it looks awesome!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Found Money

I've had the occasion over the years to find money.  You know, on the ground, in pants at a thrift shop, stuff like that.  And for many, many years now, pretty much most of my life, I've celebrated it...done a little happy dance...and bought myself a little something special.

Until lately that is.

Something happened about a month ago.  I was walking to my car with my grocery cart and I found a dollar bill.  "Hooray!" I thought.  I stuck it in the cup holder in my car and zoomed off.  As I was waiting my turn to exit the parking lot, a homeless man walked by my car.  He was laden down with a heavy backpack, had tangled hair, dirt all over his clothing, and a forlorn look in his eyes.

"What if it was his dollar?" I thought as I made my way home. 

Well, needless to say, I have not spent that dollar.  It's not my dollar to spend.  In fact I feel that I'm just keeping custody of it until I find the right person to give it to. 

Sometime soon just the right person will stroll into a path that intersects with my own and that dollar will find its rightful owner.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Channeling my Inner Rube Goldberg Machine

Ah...that lovely moment when....

OK, wait, let me tell you this first.  When my little guy first wanted to take karate I told him, "Yes, absolutely!  On one condition.  You may never, ever use the karate on me."  He agreed, of course, though I could tell he was seriously disappointed.

Anyway, when....'re with your kid at a karate tournament over the weekend, and said delightful kid is feeling happy and keyed up, and the wonderful little guy does a quick little spin and a back kick fully intending to miss you completely, and his rather large man-size-on-a-boy foot taps your elbow from beneath, and your innocent little elbow goes up causing your equally innocent hand, which is holding an equally innocent cup, to raise up and knock you on the underside of the chin, which hurt a surprisingly lot!

Me:  "You got me in the face, dude!"

Little guy:  "I got you in the elbow.  You hit yourself in the face."

Little guy's friend:  "Now's not the time to deny it, now's the time to hug your mom."

And hug me he did.

Thinking there's a slight possibility that I might just milk this one for a few more know, if he wants to keep taking karate and all....

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lightening the Load

Yes, it's approaching the end of July...and yes, school let out early June...and yes, the little guy and I just now finally got around to emptying his very full backpack.  Why'd we wait a month-and-a-half?  Because it's always a scary activity.  That's why.

Today's finds?

- oodles of wrappers from snacks he'd taken to school.

- unopened, but very squashed snacks.

- a half-full bottle of water (I still haven't opened it to clean it...a little afraid of the possible smell).

- pretty much every piece of completed homework that he never got around to turning in which resulted in a lot of zeros.

- band photos I have no recollection of having ordered (they're awesome...he's wearing his old horn rimmed glasses and his black and orange hand cast!).

- a brownish piece of something that we could only assume was perhaps food at some point.  Maybe part of an apple?  Maybe a piece of beef jerky?  All I know is that a lot of stuff ended up adhered to whatever it was and I couldn't get rid of it fast enough.

- his language arts journal that he immediately started pouring through for something.

     Me:  "Are you looking for your poem about poop?"
     Little guy:  "Yeah."
     Me:  "I have a photo of that poem on my computer."
     Little guy:  Beamed at me...he knows his mom is proud.

- a french horn mouthpiece that I'm pretty sure I had to buy another one to replace.

- a paperback he'd finished reading at the beginning of the school year.

That darn backpack weighed about twenty pounds...and he carried it around every day. I wonder if it will ever occur to him to clean it out regularly during the school year.  You know, to lighten his load and all.  Or maybe he could just start turning in his homework.

Silly guy!

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Gi Epiphany

I've been aware for quite some time that sports equipment has a smell.  The soccer shin guards...woof!  The football pads...ugh!  But what has managed to top everything thus far has been the karate gear.  Head gear, gloves, and foot gear...oh, my!

Until just lately, that is.

Little guy:  "Hey mom, I left my gear bag unzipped after practice and it doesn't smell."

Note...his habit for about a year now has been to leave all his gear (including his mouth guard and cup) crammed, zipped up in his bag, until the next class.

Me:  "OMG, you had an epiphany!"

Little guy:  "That's stupid mom."

Me:  "I'm a poet and I didn't know it."

Little guy:  "That's even stupider mom."

I may be stupider, but it sure does smell better 'round these parts!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Overactive Imagination

Yes, I've been accused of having one, 'tis true.  Actually I rather take it as a compliment.

But...when you come across an object made of porcelain and steel, an active imagination is not a plus.  You see, when I was traveling recently I found myself in the Denver airport really, really, really needing to go to the bathroom.  I'd been putting it off which is totally and completely against my "teacher on summer break" promise to myself to go ahead and "go" whenever I needed to...because summer is the only time of the year when I can.

Anyway, I picked a stall, began my flushed...tried continuing my business after being flushed...tried concluding my flushed...and finally flush (isn't this when it's supposed to flush?!?!).  I got myself all put back together and opened the door to the stall...and it flushed again!

I quickly looked around for hidden cameras, saw none, and head to the sink.  I looked for a handle...nope.  I waved my hands under the water.  I rolled my eyes, left the restroom whilst digging in my purse for my hand sanitizer, and sent the equipment a parting wish that the toilet and faucet would somehow get together and share the "automatic" love.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another Super Power

It's really cool finding out that you have yet another super power...

Dave:  "Kal, someday you have to show us how to cook perfect rice."

Big guy:  "I know how to cook perfect rice."

Dave:  "You know how to cook perfect rice?"

Big guy:  "Yeah, ask mom to cook some rice."

I just try to ignore the fact that this means I'll be the only one in my family who ever cooks rice and focus on the fact that I'm awesome at something.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A tiny, little, literal "slice" of my life....

It's a nutty thing.  I can ask my little guy a million gazillion times to do something....

Me:  "Clean your room, please."

Little guy:  ...ignore

Me:  "Clear your dishes, please."

Little guy:  ...ignore

Me:  "Wake up."

Little guy:  ...ignore

Me:  "Do your homework."

Little guy:  ...ignore

But...when he goes with me to the dermatologist and the doctor says, "I need to cut that mole off..."

Me:  "Come see the doctor cut my mole off."

Little guy:  Yeah, you got it, he was SO RIGHT THERE for that.

Hmmmmmmm...apparently motivating children effectively involves blood, sweat, tears, AND flesh.


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's all in a Name

I had the pleasure of meeting the teeniest, furriest little dog yesterday...and that dog's name was Indiana Bones.  The fella with the dog rather sheepishly told me that "She was named by a kid."  And I was all thinking, "Awesome name, dude, claim responsibility!"  Course the sheepishness wore off when I chimed right in and was clearly, utterly and completely, a fan of the Indiana Jones movies.  I mean, really, are there people out there who are not? 

Anyway, I love pet names.  Especially the coming up with the names part.  I've had sooooo many pets over the years...dogs, cats, turtles, opossums, rats, gerbils, hamsters, and likely more that I've forgotten.

It seemed when I was a kid we typically just let most of the animals name themselves based on their life experiences or traits.

Smudge:  the cat who always hung out under the car and got grease on his head and back daily.

Zippy:  the cat that we accidentally ran over who had to have surgery and ended up with stitches that we thought looked like a zipper on his hip.

One and T'other:  twin cats.

Ten:  our tenth cat we had at that time.

Eleven:  our eleventh cat we had at that time.

Kerplunk:  a cat we had that liked to jump from high objects.

Kerchoo:  a cat we had that sneezed a lot.

Possy:  the first opossum pet I found and kept for a while.

Opie:  the second opossum pet I found and kept for a while.

Turdus:  the turtle I found who later escaped our back yard.

Stubby:  my pet rat who was born with a partial limb.

Thinking my kids are darn lucky I'd gotten over my way of naming things by the time they came along.

P.S.  One of my favorite pet naming stories is of a friend's dog who was named Dammit.  What a blast it would have been to stand in the front yard yelling...

"Come here, Dammit!"

"Fetch, Dammit!"

"Sit, Dammit!"

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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Nerve!

I got home really late the other night.  Really, really, really late if you know me.  I had a fantastic reason for it...a reason that I'm not allowed to blog about.  But I might just consider telling you in person if you ask me nicely.

Anyway, I walked in the house at 2:00 AM super hyper and super jazzed and totally ready to talk to anyone and everyone about it.  I was greeted by two super happy dogs that weren't the least bit interested in anything I had to say but happily accepted all the love I could dole out.  I walked through the kitchen to my room.  The light was off...Dave was asleep.  I looked down the hall, the light was off...big guy was asleep.  I passed by the middle bedroom and saw light from under the door.  I cracked it open and saw two very, VERY awake fourteen year old boys.  And they were VERY interested in everything I had to say.  Hooray!  And then I got tired.  Yup, last bit of energy spent on storytelling.  I dragged myself to the shower, got dressed for bed, and...

Little guy:  "Hey, mom!  Will you make us something to eat?"

Sorry, kid.  You earned a TON of points when you listened to my tale of adventure, but there's no way I'm gonna get busy in the kitchen and whoop up something for ya at 2:30 AM. 

The nerve!

P.S. I woke up the next morning and did get seriously busy in the kitchen making breakfast for two incredibly adorable sleep-deprived teenagers.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

What to do when a bird poos on you....

You know how it is when you've been hanging out with a bunch of folks and as soon as you leave the party, get in your car, and check your teeth/nose (We all do that, right?)...and you see a HUGE hunk of spinach between your two front teeth or a booger the size of a BOULDER dangling out of your nose?  OK, well this story is just like that...kind of.

I was at a lovely celebratory gathering yesterday.  Many people were there and many photos were taken, that I then put on facebook as that's the thing to do, right?  Well, late last night when I was looking at the pics I saw a bit of a speck of something on the back of my skirt.  Right cheekish area, to be specific.  I zoomed in and lo and behold, there was a bird poo...right there...plain as day!  Rather a funky looking pixelated bird poo to be exact.

I immediately went through the five stages of having a bird poo on you.

1. Denial - "What?  No way.  Surely I would've noticed the splat impact and the accompanying moisture.  Surely!"

2. Anger - "This is totally not OK!  And I was wearing a super cute dress!  And what about all those people that I thought were my friends not even telling me?!?!"

3. Bargaining - "I'll get my husband to Photoshop this and we'll go on with life pretending this never, ever happened.  OK?"

4. Depression - "I'm embarrassed and, quite frankly, feeling totally and completely friendless...and quite sure that they're all laughing at 'bird poo girl'."

5. Acceptance - "Ah, well, so what.  Everyone gets pooed on at one time or another...and I hear it's supposed to be good luck!"

And then this morning as I was putting laundry into my washer I came across the fouled garment.  I put it right-side out, turned it over so I could see the back, and saw the very spot the bird poo had landed.

...only all that was there was a two inch piece of thick white thread.  Very clever white thread at that.  Fabulously clever white thread with masquerading as pixelated bird poo super powers.

I have a new respect for thread, people.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Critter Love

I tell ya what...this girl is seriously lucky to have a husband who truly understands her.

As Dave walked out of the house this morning:  "Kali, come quick!"

It was an armadillo walking in our driveway, then to the back yard, then under our deck.  I loved it!!!

As Dave pulled out of the driveway a few minutes later I received a call:  "Kali, there's a baby dove in the street that needs you to move it somewhere safe!"

And I ran right out there and did.

So glad Dave gets me!

P.S. The armadillo has taken up residence under our deck.  I love it...the dogs love it...the cat snubs his nose at it.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Bigger isn't always Better

I've been wearing my contacts lately in preparation for this TV extra part I'm playing, bifocal contacts at that.  And if you've ever gone a long time between wearing your contacts and have been wearing your glasses instead, then you'll know all about what I've been experiencing.  You see, with my newly worn contacts everything looks larger.  And I mean everything!  Now some things are nice to see know, eyes, the "girls", my art, my pets, my husband's big, super-strong biceps....

But, today when I went to Target and was getting some home basics and I thought, "Hey, I'll grab a couple pairs of panties while I'm here," I was unprepared for the absolute HUGENESS my size would be presenting a la contacts as I held said garments up for a gander.

Nope, the underwear purchase can wait until after I go back to my glasses, thank you very much.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Large and in Charge

I had my annual physical...I know, "groooooan".  Worry not, I won't talk about the details.

But something really, really cool happened.  If you know me, you know that I'm petite, short, small in stature, whatnot.  I've thought for years that I was five feet tall.  I actually rejoiced that I'd made it a full sixty inches, people!  Well, when they measured me today it turns out that I'm actually five feet, one-and-a-half inches!!!  I made the lady do it twice to be sure.  So, if I present with some attitude when you see me next it's only because I'm now officially large and in charge.


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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trail Lovin'

I do so love hitting the hike and bike trail.  It's one of my favorite things about summer mornings.  It never fails to surprise, please, and leave me in awe.

Some cool stuff I encountered...

• A man sitting in the shade of a bridge playing his harmonica...I gave him a nod of thanks, he gave me a nod of welcome.

• Two women talking about ovulation not the part of life I'm in!

• Four fellow teachers who were walking looking super cute-n-sassy.

• The scent of bat guano...oddly enough, once I settle into the scent I almost find myself enjoying it in an "I love Austin" kind of way.

• Many pigeons who seem to overly assume that I'll go around them rather than them needing to fly the heck out of my way.

• Super, duper happy dogs off of their leashes bounding into the river.

• Beautiful turtles swimming in the water below the bridge I rode my bike across.

• An older couple walking very slowly on the trail...when I caught up to them I realized that the woman was totally engaged with whatever was on her iPhone...she absolutely looked like the hip young folk I see so often strolling the streets.

Wishing for many more summer days of surprise, pleasure, and awe...and an earnest hope that whenever I'm on the trail in thirty some odd years that I'll be totally engaged with the people, pigeons, and pooches.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Perfect Fit

I'm super excited!  I went for a fitting today.  Lucky me...I get to be an extra on a hit television show.  I haven't seen it because I only watch TV shows on Netflix and it hasn't made it there yet, but I hear it's great.

I figured that as a forty-six year old broad they'd have me comfortably in a turtle neck and pants, or at the very least, a long gown that went from shoulder to the base of my shoes.  

Anyway, can't give any show details because that's the rules, but here's how the fitting went after she got the info on the sizes I wore, top to bottom.

Me:  "Hey, just a heads up, I have some cellulite on my thighs...I'm forty-six, that's how we roll."

Lovely wardrobe lady:  "I'm in my thirties and I have cellulite."

She got out an assortment of pants, tops, skirts, jewelry and shoes.  I tried on several outfits.  She eliminated bits and pieces, brought new stuff, took the rejects away, sized me up, had me put my cut-away shirt on backward, rigged me with a little help for the "girls," and called me "done".

Me:  "This is so much fun!  I'm dressing up like high school me...where's my mohawk?"

Lovely wardrobe lady:  "You're fun to dress."

Yes, my friends, I get to be on TV in an outfit very similar to the one that got me sent home from high school one day.  Forty-six is officially hot...well, at least as hot as I can make it.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

So much China...

...and so little interest in ever, ever using it.

We've been redoing our kitchen and it's posed some particular challenges along the way.  The basics, like no water or sink for a few days, cupboard contents all over the kitchen table, and then putting everything back.  Well, almost everything.  You see, I made a deal with myself as I pulled all the junk stuff essentials out.  I would only put back what we use...or, at the very least, love.

It's been super easy with most things and just a quick trip with items to the curb and soon some happy neighbor who does think they'll use and/or love them takes them home. 

Trouble is, it gets complicated when it comes to the set of china we received for our wedding.  We never ever use it.  It's simply too much trouble, all that getting it down from the top shelf, and then having to hand wash it.  Plus, we're hardly fancy folk.

So, what to do, what to do...we don't use it or love it.  I will say I like it and think it's pretty, just not enough to make up for the trouble of using it.

Perhaps china is something that was precious only to previous generations, perhaps I'm crazy...or lazy.

Dunno...but the one thing I do know is that it somehow found its way back to the tip top of the cabinets, so don't go and scour my curb for fine china.  You'll be wasting your time.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

That's what She Said

Sometimes I live in the land of lost conversations around here.  I tell my kids to do something and they deny that I ever said a thing.  I have entire conversations with Dave and he says it was all in my head. 

Now, it's true that some conversations I have with my family do happen entirely (or partially) in my head...but they're the conversations that I invite them into after, and only after, I've already gotten myself totally riled up by what the imaginary them said to me in my head.  Yup, those conversations always end well....

Anyway, I'm thinking I'm going to adopt a nonverbal system of communicating with my family.  You know, texting or in a note pad.  Something I can refer back to as evidence.  I think my family will balk at the idea at first, but once they realize how quiet the house is without my constant yammering, they'll surely embrace it.

I'll let you know how it goes.

P.S. OK, OK, full disclosure:  my family does hear and respond to a lot of what I's just those silly ones where they don't that stick out in my mind...I'm neurotic like that.

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

On Porpoise

I rather love times when I get to sit back and simply watch the "youth of today"...i.e. my kids and their friends.  And it's so much fun getting to glimpse the things they do that I'll likely never do again in my lifetime (on purpose anyway).

• belly flopping - over and over and over again until huge red blotches stain the chest and abs.

• swimming in a pool fully clothed - just because hey, there's a pool and I want to get

• wild-n-crazy water battle with a HUGE porpoise and a HUGE orca as the bounty to be protected/stolen while using water guns to attack and kick boards as shields.

Now, one thing I'll likely do that they did today...say "Do it on porpoise" over and over again...just because a big inflatable porpoise is in the vicinity.  Yeah, because that never loses its charm.

So, do me a favor and imagine that I started this post with "purpose" spelled "porpoise".  Deal?  Thanks!  You're the best!

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Predator and Prey

We live in the land of "Just a minute!" 'round these parts.  Seems like every request is followed by those words I've come to not like so very much.  Now, if they truly meant sixty seconds, we'd be good, but what they truly mean is, "Go away now and I'm going to completely ignore what you asked me to do until you nag me relentlessly."

So this morning when I said, "Come on, it's time to go," and it was followed by, "Just a minute!" well, I decided I'd use said "minute" in the best possible way I could.  I leaned in, wrapped my arms around my kid, kissed and tickled him.

Little guy:  "Stop attacking me!!!"

Me:  "If this is 'attacking,' then you'd better get used to it...because I'm totally the predator and you're the prey in this situation."

And then he got ready to go right quick!

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Color Explosion

Ya, I know. It's supposed to be all about the fireworks exploding today...celebrating the lady that America is.  Brilliant colors streaming across the sky and all. But as I sit here in the midst of a crowd, I rather prefer gazing at the brilliant colors we all come in. It's a divine flesh tones crayola box. And then you have to add a fabulous sixty-four pack (are those drool-worthy or what?!?!) on the side for all the kayaks, SUPs, canoes, bicycles, doggie outfits, and hair colors, of course. Happy birthday, America!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trying a New Thing

Trying new things can be soooooo scary!  It's funny, I've always told my kids, "Hey, just try it, it doesn't matter how well you do, just go for it."  But it's hard to live by my own words.  It's not that I'm not willing to try new things.  I am!  It's the whole part of "it doesn't matter how well you do" part that gets me every time.

Anyway, last night I took the opportunity to do some glass work with friends.  I was making a little sushi type dish and found myself just staring at my little blank canvas...thinking, "I don't want to screw this up!  Especially in front of my group of lovely creative ladies!!"  I picked some colors, cut some glass, lay stuff, scrapped the entire thing completely, started again...and then I remembered and somehow managed to fully embrace "it doesn't matter how well you do".  And then I had so much fun!  And I loved what I and everyone else created!

Course I am having a little tingle of nervousness as I await the firing and final result...I am neurotic, after all.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Actually it was more like goose, goose, GOOSE, GOOSE, GOOSE, GOOSE, GOOSE, GOOSE, DUCK, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, GOOSE, GOOSE, GOOSE, GOOSE, GOOSE, GOOSE.

All caps for big 'uns, lower case for little 'uns.

Dave and I went on the most wonderful walk today and had the most fabulous encounters with ducks and geese...and these ducks and geese were decidedly not from Texas.  My encounters with ducks in Austin has been that of pure avoidance, and likely fear on their part.  My encounters with geese in Austin has been that of pure avoidance, and definitely fear on my part.

Well, these Oregonian ducks and geese were delightful.  They let us approach them and their young.  The geese even let Dave become an honorary goose, tagging along at the end of their line for a bit.

Duck, duck, goose...pretty sure I'm gonna like that game a bit more from now on.

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Monday, July 1, 2013


Perhaps I'm sticking my neck out on this one, but no matter where you stand on the abortion choice issue, you have to admire Senator Wendy Davis' strength and passion.  You have to...right?  At any rate, I certainly do.

WWWD?  What Would Wendy Do?  

That's what runs through my head these days if I'm up against anything know, if she could stay standing whilst speaking constantly and coherently, denying her urges to go to the bathroom, eat, or drink, and never even lean on something once pain and fatigue had surely set in for eleven long hours...well then surely I could face whatever challenge I was presented with...surely!

As I found myself "starving" after a long hike, feeling lightheaded and straight up cranky, did I whine?  Uh, well, yes I did.  Just a bit...until I thought, "WWWD?"

As I found myself desperate for sleep after an airline delay and then an airline cancellation on my next flight and I'd been up since 4:00 AM and ended up in the San Francisco airport with no chance of getting anywhere anytime soon (and had had plenty of opportunities to eat, drink, go potty, sit, and lean) did I start griping?  Um, have to admit I did a little...until I thought, "WWWD?"

I used to always think of the labor and births of my own children as my reference for "I can get through this," but now I have Wendy Davis to thank for a new and improved reference for "I can get through this without complaint and look darn good while I get 'er done."

Yup, "WWWD?"  Feel free to use it!

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