Sunday, March 31, 2013

Too Old?

I keep wondering when "too old" is going to kick in.  And I'm not talking about me.  Guess I could be, but I'm not.  Anyway, my little guy, who is now fourteen, is still totally into both Halloween trick-or-treating and Easter egg hunting. 

Every year I ask, "Are you going trick-or-treating/hunting?"

And he says, "Duh, yeah!"  OK the "duh" is less and less utilized in the last couple of years, but before that it was standard issue response.  Hmmmm...guess that means I might have moved beyond being a "dumb" parent.  I will celebrate quietly, I assure you.

Given that today was Easter and we were going to a family egg hunt, the question came up again.

Me:  "Are you going to hunt for eggs today?"

Little guy:  "Uh, yeah!"  See that?  The "duh" has been replaced by "uh".  YAY!!  See?  Celebrating quietly.

Me:  "When do you think you'll stop doing the egg hunting?"

Little guy:  "I dunno, why would I?"

Me:  "I dunno."

Little guy:  "Mom, there's candy."

So there my little guy went a'hunting, he and the two two-year-olds and the four-year-old.  Did my guy feel out of place?  Absolutely not.  Duh...

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Easter Bunny Blues

Dave and I went to the mall tonight...decidedly not my favorite place to go.  We went to one store to pick up something that wasn't there that they told us was, then we went to the Apple Store where Dave said, "Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa" (insert the teacher voice from Charlie Brown here).  Anything and everything was above my head and yes, I got that glazed look in my eyes, and yes, he noticed.

But the trip to the mall was totally worth it because on our way out guess who was there?!?!  THE EASTER BUNNY!!!  Surrounded by 3-D flowers and ladybugs no less.  Awesome!!  We stopped for a second and looked at a kid having her photo taken.  She was about nine months-ish and very happily smiled at the camera.  OK, I admit it, I was sorta disappointed.

Dave:  "Let's go."

Me:  "No, I want to wait until the bunny makes a kid cry."  You know, you've seen all the infamous photos, right?

Next a boy who was about four and his little sister who was about a year old got on the Easter Bunny's lap.  The boy got on first, all frowns and malcontent, totally looking like a future mug shot.  I was getting excited!!!!  Next the little girl got on the Bunny's lap.  Her lip quivered, her mouth opened agape, and she emitted a silent scream.  Oh, my goodness, she was adorable, and, you got it, I was absolutely, positively, embarrassingly giddy!

So there ya go, the big reveal.  That's the real me coming out...a true meanie.

P.S.  You all know I'm full of sarcasm, right? And I bet ya, that photo will absolutely, positively go viral when her parents post it.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Dang, those southern regions sure do cause a ruckus sometimes!

Warning to all you male types:  Read on at your own risk.  Don't say I didn't tell ya.

Some days just don't go as planned.  This, my friends, was one of them.

By noon I thought I had my blog all planned out.  Good stuff...funny stuff...slightly disturbing stuff....

• Woke up with the bladder infection I'd been treating for two days with a home remedy.  Boo!

• Called doctor's office at 7:30 and got a 9:00 appointment time.  Yay!

• Went to appointment with an insufferably full bladder and was allowed straight to the back to give them a sample.  Yay!  (And a little Boo, I supppose.)

• Opened the little door where the sample goes and, ack, there was already another sample in there....dead center...right against the door I had opened.  I had to get a paper towel to shove it back veeeeeeery slowly.  This girl did not want a splashed-all-over-other-person's pee incident.  Boo!

• I was called to go to my appointment before my appointment.  Yay!

• I had my normal odd conversation with my also normally odd doctor...seriously, if you take a step back it's like being in some alternate universe comedy club where the doctor simply says everything on his mind.  I really like the guy!  Yay!

• Took my prescription to Target, dropped it off, and was told it would be about fifteen minutes.  Time was on my side this morning, people!  Yay!

• While I was waiting for the prescription to be prepared I did a little shopping.  Cat food...check!  Chocolate bunnies for the boys...check!  Panties for me...check!  Yay!

• Only thing...when I was looking through the panties bin I felt the presence of someone.  I looked to my side and standing about five feet from me was a man just staring at me holding said panties.  I matched his gaze with my best "What the heck are you looking at?" face and it took him about ten seconds to realize that he'd been caught.  OK, serious EW!!!  Boo!

• I went back for my prescription and got outa there.  I took my first pill in the car (no "take with food" required) and prepared to be healed.  Yay!

• On the way I stopped by the art store and picked up a brand spankin' new set of pens.  This gets a Yay, Yay, Yay!!!!

OK, so that was to be the subject of my good/funny/disturbing blog post.

But...about thirty minutes after I got home my lower legs started aching.  Kind of like a mild Charlie horse and shin splints combo plate.  I stretched them and it eased them up. stomach started cramping something terrible.  I went to my room, put my jammies on, got in bed, and planned to sleep off whatever this was.  I dozed in and out, I think I did, anyway, and suddenly my lower back was in absolute agony.  I swear it felt just like the back labor I had with my big guy.  I tried popping it and it went from agony to "kill me now!"  I did a quick Google on my phone, found out that I was suffering side effects that a small percentage of patients do.  I gasped, held back tears, and phoned my little guy who was the only one home.  He came in, got the prescription receipts and read the details.  My symptoms were on the "Call Doctor Immediately" list.  I called, I described, they agreed that I should stop taking the meds, and the nurse called in a different prescription for me.

Now, here's the wonderful thing.  For about two hours my little guy lay beside me on my bed.  He checked on me, entertained me, brought me a big pot because I felt like throwing up, and then even called the doctor's office himself after I started crying because I had to know how much longer this would last.   Seriously, I have not been in this kind of pain in a very long time (and last time at least I got a beautiful baby out of it).  He was amazing! 

My little guy found out from the nurse that if I drink water the symptoms would go away faster.  Side note, having to drink lots of water when you're stuck lying prone and you have a bladder infection...not a good combo.  He ran and got me a straw and we worked it out.

By golly, about fifteen minutes later my symptoms started slowly going away.  YAY!!!

As I sit here (yes, I can now sit) six hours after the onset, my only symptoms are slightly achy legs and lower spine, dizziness, just a bit of nausea, and a fever.  We seriously exorcised that demon!

P.S. Dave and my big guy were great, too.  They were out running errands and picked up my new prescription (please let it be kind to me) and were very lovingly concerned.  I love my family!!!!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's all in the Gettin' There

Today my kid got to play in an orchestra competition event just a few miles north of his school.  Did he have to take a big yellow bus to get there?  No, he did not.  That kid, and the rest of the musicians, got to ride in a high falootin' fancy travel with a bathroom, TVs, and a luggage area underneath.

Me:  "You know, when I was a kid heading to an orchestra event I had to ride an unairconditioned school bus with my french horn on my lap."

Little guy:  "Aw, that's so sad...I mean, HA, HA, HA, HA!!"

Thinking I'm going to spend the weekend coming up with oodle gobs of "back when I was a kid I had to walk miles in the snow" stories to inflict on him.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sock it to Me

Last night Dave and my king size bed was the site of a gathering.  Big guy, little guy, and our cat, Pug, and I.  As it was bed time I was all happy and jammied up...all the way down to my fuzzy white-ish socks.

Well, as I was a bit bored AND very easily entertained, I pulled one of my socks off and carefully placed it on Pug's tale.  Mind you, it wasn't on top of his tail, his tail was all the way down inside of it.  We sat...we waited...we made predictions.

Big guy:  "I think he's gonna just slide right out of it."

Little guy:  "Yeah, slide right out."

Me:  "No way, when that sock comes off it's gonna fly through the air."  After all, my cat has shown his flamboyant Liberace style on occasion.  Why not now?

We sat...we waited...we sighed...we stopped each other when we were tempted to "poke the Pug" to get him to do something.  T...E...N minutes went by and not even a tiny tail twitch from the furry fella.

We grew restless, started talking amongst ourselves, and then suddenly, Pug slithered away.  That darn sock didn't move, not even one millimeter!

Dang, I was really looking forward to a flying sock show.  Well, that and being "right" of course.

About this painting:  this is another in my "blob" series.  Loving doing these!!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Cone of Terror...

...or the cone of's all in how you see it, I suppose.

Unfortunately our two dogs got in a terrible, mere seconds fight which resulted in our older dog, Scout, needing surgery.  So, that left us wondering, "What do we do?  What do we do?"

Well, of course we kept them separated until Scout was up and moving and when we finally decided to let them be together, we found out something quite interesting that we would not have predicted.  You see, Scout has been sentenced to wear one of those cone things to keep her from licking her surgical site.  Turns out those silly cones have two pretty darn amazing purposes.

1. Hazel is keeping her distance from Scout because the cone totally freaks her out.  If the cone is heading her way, she's off in the other direction, STAT.

2. Scout has managed to be a messy eater with the cone on and has been enjoying the fruits of her messiness with frequent leftover snacks available on the interior of the cone.

So, I must say we're pretty much loving the cone of shame 'round these parts.  Might just have to keep it around.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Green is the Color

"Why is everything good for you have to be green?!?!" he said with great disgust as I spread guacamole on a slice of sprouted bread and sprinkled beet greens over the top...for him...that he asked me to make.

The big guy has a point.  I mean it is rather unfortunate that so many of the veggies do come in that dark shade of green that kids seem to always want to run in the opposite direction of.

Well, I figure I'll check back in about an hour and see if he's managed to choke it down.  Maybe, just maybe, he's turning over a  Sorry, couldn't help myself.

P.S. Only half the sandwich made it down his teenage gullet.  What did he have to say about said sandwich?  "It was just, um, wrong."

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Great Brush Swap

Sometime, perhaps about six months ago or so, I noticed that my brush kept being left not where it belonged.  On the window sill, on the little shelf thingie, on the back of the toilet (ew!).  Well, turned out my little guy had decided that he actually wanted to start brushing his hair (I know, I should be happy) and the perfect tool for such an activity turned out to be my brush.  I don't share personal items well, it's a fact, and as a well-known germaphobe I didn't really want it back, so I gave him the darn thing. 

Fast forward to this week.

Me:  "You still using my brush?"

Little guy:  "Yeah."

Me:  "Oh."

Little guy:  "Why?"

Me:  "I think I'm going to buy a new brush?"

Little guy:  "You haven't brushed your hair since you gave me yours?!?!"

Me:  "No, and it's getting seriously tangly."

So off to Target Dave and I went...for something else, not a brush.

Me:  "I think I'm gonna get a brush."

Dave:  "Where's the brush you used to have?"

Me:  "Little guy has it."

Dave:  "You can have mine."  OK, I had to breathe through this generosity, but decided that Dave hair always smells great, so I could relax and take him up on his offer.

So, what does curly hair that has not been brushed in about six months look like once it's been brushed out?  Well, the tangles were basically ripped out and what hair stayed in got really, really BIG...just as a Texas gal's should.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cat Nap

I took a two hour nap today.  It was pure bliss.  I was so tired I crawled into bed, jeans still on (usually I go ahead a jammy it up and call it a day), pulled the quilt over my head, and I was out.

So, why was I so darn tired?  Well, my rascally cat has gotten into the habit of staying out all night being his rascally self and then sitting on the deck outside our bedroom window and waiting...waiting...waiting for any sign of stirring within.  This could be a sniff of the nose, an adjustment of the pillow, a rolling over to the other side...he doesn't care if it's a true sign of getting up or not. 

He commences meowing.  And meowing.  And MEOWING!  I dunno about Dave, but I pulled the quilt over my head and ignored the feline nuisance.  Betting Dave did the same.  We don't want to train him that we'll get up any old time he meows and let him in, right?

Well, round about 6:30 I did go ahead and get up.  I was at the grocery store by 7:30, came home and did a whole lotta other productive stuff, and by 12:30 I was bushed.

Thinking I'm gonna trap the cat inside tonight.  Maybe I'll even wake him up early with a little "hello" action (that's "meow" in English).  Yeah, that'll show him.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Say what?

Here's how it usually goes.  I arrive home, my big guy with his hyper mom sensor ability comes out, then he asks me to fix him some food.  Sigh....

Here's how it went today.  Big guy comes out of his room.

Big guy:  "There's been an incident...I farted in my room."

Me:  I say nothing and look at him all disgusted like.

Big guy:  "Why do you have that grossed out look on your face?"

Me:  "Because you said, 'There's been an incident...I farted in my room.'"

Big guy:  "No, I didn't!  I said, 'I'm livestreaming...don't barge into my room.'"

Wow...this girl needs to clean out her ears!

In any case, I'm not going in that room.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stranger Safety

Sometimes I wish I could get a little background scoop on random people I know, a quick Google search and all.  I suppose the mystery is the charm of it all, though.  Yesterday I went for a long walk with one of our dogs.  My path met with that of a woman.  At first I thought she was part of a construction project as she was wearing a bright yellow hard hat.  But after she engaged me in a conversation bits and pieces of what was her life came clearer.  She was quite charmed by my big dog, Hazel, and lamented her similar dog she had put to sleep sometime in the past.  She spoke of her son.  She spoke a lot.  As she continued the little movements I'd noticed at first became what was clearly a tic.  The lines on her face weighed heavy with tales of much grief and life gone unexpected.  As we parted ways I felt some understanding of her need to wear that hard hat. 

About this painting:  I had intended to use it as a background for a drawing, but every time I picked it up to sketch on top of it I just couldn't.  I liked it so much just the way it was.  Hope you do, too.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Kiss Me"

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day I got the little guy a "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" T-shirt.  He'd been asking for one ever since he found out we were part Irish...Scotch-Irish to be exact.  At first I thought he was all excited about being Irish, and then this little thought began tickling at the back of my mind.

Hmmmmm...maybe there's somebody he wants to have kiss him....

I gasped internally and kept my thoughts to myself.  "Hey, back off ladies, it's his mama's job to give him kisses!"

OK, breathe, breathe.  I know, it's just a matter of time.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I've Been Dubbed

I got crowned today.  Really it should've involved jewels, pomp and circumstance...instead it involved anxiety and unceremonious drooling.  Seriously, why does every experience with my cute dentist involve my mouth agape and saliva going everywhere it shouldn't?!?!

Anyway, as I was driving home from the dental appointment I found myself stuck at a red light and I figured I'd have a little fun.  Well, at least as much fun as one can with a numb mouth.  I pulled my iPhone out and set it up to receive a bit of dictation from my mush-mouthed self.

What I heard myself saying:  "Blah bla muffle bla blah."

What Siri heard:  "I'm going to blog about this later."

What I heard myself saying:  "Na ma na bla muffle ba blabble bla!"

What Siri heard:  "This phone can understand everything I'm saying!"

What I heard myself saying:  "Fa bla ma nuffle bla la?"

What Siri heard:  "How is this even possible?"

Man, the miracle of technology, eh?

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Da boyz will hafta deal wid it!

I went for a walk this morning in the neighborhood and found myself behind a mom and a little boy who must have been two-ish.  The mom was holding a big stuffed bunny and having it jump, jump, jump as they went along.  The little boy was riding one of those cool coasting bikes for little kids and he was jump, jump, jumping the bike and actually getting just a bit of air.  I see a trick bike in his future!  As they approached the stop sign the mom said, "Stop at the stop sign."

And, you know what I realized?  I still do that exact same thing with my fourteen and seventeen year old boys almost men.  I also put my arm out in front of them when we're in the car as I'm pulling to a if my tiny little arm would do anything to prevent their HUGE bodies from lurching forward.  It's simply one of those mom things that I cannot stop myself from doing.  My kids roll their eyes or give me the, "I knooooow, moooooooom."

But they get it.  I have to believe they do...they simply must know it's just one of the million ways I tell them I love them each and every day. wid it, boyz, mama's not stoppin'!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Green...Pinchsurance Worth Wearing

So the kid pinched me because I forgot to wear green today.  Wanting to avoid additional injury I changed clothes. 

Little guy:  "Green shorts!!!" Actually they're capris. He doesn't know care, he's a boy.

Me:  "Uh, yeah.  No more pinching."

Little guy:  "You going out in those?"

Me:  I look down.  "Uh, no."  The guy may not know what they are, but he did know that they weren't public ready.

I went in my room and put on green pants.  This, my friends, is the full extent of bright green in my wardrobe.

I went back in his room, sat on his bed, and looked at him expectantly.

Little guy:  "What?"

Me:  "I changed into pants."  I'm telling you they were long long they dragged on the ground.  And decidedly cuter than the capris.

Little guy:  "They look the same."

I think there's a high likelihood that I'm gonna pinch him...very soon...even if he is wearing green.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

That's Unexpectable!

Dave came up with a new word yesterday...a word he developed just for little ol' me.  Is that love or what?!?!

So, just to fill you in, here's what was happening.  He was driving.  I was twitching.  I'm not a good passenger and rather than verbally screech at any little thing, I twitch (confession - yes, I still screech just a baby bit).

Dave:  "Unexpectable."

Me:  "What?"

Dave:  "So many things that are unexpected for you are also unacceptable...unexpectable."

Wow, put a bow on that fabulous word and call it my birthday!  I love it!

P.S. This painting is another in my "blob" series, explained here.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Passage of Time

I love bearing witness to the passage of time.  This morning I sat at our little table with Dave, my little guy, and two of his friends.  I gazed at each of those beautiful teenage boys and thought, "Wow!"  These wonderful kids have been hanging out with each other since they lucked upon each other in kindergarten.  They've had countless play dates, an abundance of birthday parties, and a ton of overnights.  They've gone from pudgy little angelic-voiced five-year-olds all the way to deep-voiced, slightly awkward fourteen-year-olds in the blink of an eye.  I cannot even imagine how many batches of cookies I've made for them, rides I've given them, and, yes, behavioral redirections I've sent their way.

And...lucky they sat on the porch swing this morning they actually let me take a picture of them.

Me:  "Guys, you'll be so happy I took this picture of you today when you're twenty-five."

I fully expect to still be making cookies for them for decades to come.  Thinking I need to frame that photo.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mo' Money

About a week ago I had to take our old dog, Scout, to the vet.  She and Hazel had gotten into a tiff and Scout received a few bites.  It's all about Hazel finally realizing that she is bigger and heavier than Scout (by over twenty pounds), and she's a bit tired of Scout always being the boss.  Man, it's rough being a teenager even for dogs!

Anyway, when I was at the emergency vet place I got to see a lot of folks with a lot of dogs and cats.  It was so much like being in the E.R. (I have a lot of experience with that...eight times with my little guy, once for Dave, and twice for me).  It all comes down to triage.  I lucked out that when I arrived there was no wait, but that wasn't the case during the time I sat in the waiting room while they cleaned up Scout's wounds and prepared her prescriptions.

People from all walks of life came in.  They were dressed up.  They were dressed casually (that was my category).  They were in their P.J.s and slippers.  The dogs and cats?  They were all outfits at all.  One man really caught my attention.  He was very thin and continually stroked the hair on his head toward the back.  It's not that his hair fell into his face, rather it seemed to perhaps calm him a bit when he repeated this activity.  He went in and out of one of the examination rooms, back and forth to the counter.  He tried paying with a credit card.  It was denied.  He called a friend and had no luck.  The staff had him call some credit company that lent money for emergency animal procedures.  They were "not able to help him at this time."  He went back into the examination room and I didn't see him again.  His bill, were they to do what his dog needed, was $1200.

Someday...someday...I'd really like to be able to be able to anonymously pick up strangers in need's tabs.  I'd love to be able to surprise them and sneak away unnoticed.  Someday...

And when this someday comes, I also really, really want to have that Camaro Z28 that keeps popping up in my line of sight lately...1966 - 1969 would be peachy.  Pretty sure one of them wants me, too.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Following the Rules...Not all it's Cracked up to be

Dang if I'm not always...or nearly always...a rule follower.  Well, I sure 'nuf was one today.  I took the little guy to a free Macklemore show this afternoon.

What did I do?  Well, I obediently went around the block and got in the really, really, really, really long line and I waited for ninety the sun.

What did the little guy do?  He said, "I'm gonna go check things out," and he went right up to the entrance gate and walked straight in.

So, what did I get out of my experience?
• a slight sunburn
• conversations with lots of strangers...mostly about our chances of getting in the show
• some GREAT people watching (let me pause to say that the crowd mentality makes for some seriously stupid pedestrian decision-making)
• street cred as a cool mom who rode bikes with her kid to downtown so he could see a show

What did the little guy get out of it?
• "It was awesome!!!"
• a bit of a chuckle over his mom having waited forever in line when, "I got in in, like, two minutes."
• reinforcement that breaking rules can totally work out in his favor

All in all I have to say I had a great time making my kid's day today!!!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Bouncing Baby Boy

"Last night when I was with dad at the bar..."

OK, not the top thing on my list of what I want to hear my seventeen year old say...but it's all good, it's groovy.  He was there setting up equipment with Dave for SXSW.

"...these people came up to me and asked me if they could come in.  They thought I was a bouncer."

Nice to know my kid was at a bar for a good reason and that he looks like someone people wouldn't want to mess with.  This mama is breathing easy.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Parallel Super Moms...Able to Break Math Rules in a Single Appointment

You know I'm always going for "Mom of the Year" around here, right?  Well, my big move in that direction was to have my kids celebrate the first day of spring break by, yes, you got it, going to the dentist.  I tell ya what, they were ALL about loving me!

OK, so not so much, but something kind of cool happened during our trip to the dentist.  Perhaps only cool to me.  The kids were only mildly lukewarm about it, so I suppose I'll just have to run it by you.

You see, I ran into someone for whom this first day of spring break was a parallel existence to my own.

My boys and I got into the elevator (after a bit of a discussion with me urging the boys to use the stairs to the 5th floor and them ultimately refusing), and just as the door was closing a woman and her two boys got in the elevator with us.  They had a brief discussion about which floor they were going to, to which my little guy said, "Five."  They weren't talking to him, of course, and they pushed the button for the third floor.  Course my big guy had to rib my little guy for talking to strangers and getting into their conversation...of course.  We got off the elevator and walked to our dentist's door, walked in, and just stood there.

Little guy:  "This isn't the place."

Me:  "Yeah, it is.  They just redecorated."

We went in and sat.

A minute later the other mom from the elevator and her two boys walked in.

Her little guy:  "This isn't the place."

The other mom:  "Yeah, it is.  They just redecorated."

Me:  "I guess my little guy was right about which floor you needed."  We moms smiled at each other.

As we all sat there, all in a row, the four teenage boys each pulled out their iPhones and started doing whatever teenage boys do with iPhones.  I looked over at the other mom.

Me:  "I guess  you planned the same great spring break activity that I did."

Other mom:  "I sure did."

So there ya go.  Two super moms living parallel lives that intersected at the dentist office.  That's gotta break some kind of mom math rule, right?

Wowza, eh?  I know you're simply stunned!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dumb Blondness...It's simply part of who I am....

I'm often spacey, forget what I'm doing, am unable to come up with the logical course of what should come next.  It's true.  I own it.  I earn my keep, though, because once in a blue moon I come up with something really good, time saving, efficient, and...well...amazing.  I did just that today when I was helping Dave with a SXSW setup.  I won't go into the details, but just know it saved probably at least fifteen minutes and several trips up and down a fifteen foot, somewhat precarious ladder.

But mostly I was wanting to talk about me being spacey because, you see, Dave came up with the best snarky comment to date.  Please know that I take no offense to his comment and that he makes such comments with affection.  Believe me, I'm the first to credit myself with being a dumb blond.

Anyway, here's what he said to me after I had done a classic Kali ding-dong thing.  It had me in stitches.

"Do you think it would help if we dyed your hair not blond?"
(OK, maybe you had to be there, but I loved it!)

Sorry Dave...I've had pink, green, black, blue, auburn, and purple...and I was no less spacey.  You're over twenty years in, might as well get used to it, darlin'.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tis true...I'm a walking, talking cliché....

I feel like a total cliché today.  With spring arriving (I know, not technically...but with global warming and all, it's here darn it!), I did a major dose of spring cleaning.  It started small.  Actually it wasn't me at all.  It was one of my kids who spontaneously cleaned his room...without prompt...without yelling...all on his own...all his idea.  This might just be a miracle, people.  Anyway, he cleared two garbage bags worth of stuff out of his room and it looks great!  Then, I was a recipient of some amazing hand-me-down clothing.  I brought them home, looked at my packed closet (I'm no clothes horse...tiny house, very tiny closet), and knew something had to be done.  So, you got it, I cleared out two garbage bags myself.  I found my favorite small lady friends to share them with and yay, they were gone!  Then Dave and I bought two beautiful quilts at a garage sale.  We got home, realized that there was no room left in the cupboards to put our duvet that was on our bed at the time and again, I knew something had to be done.  So I went wild today.  I cleared out six garbage bags of towels, sheets, blankets, etc. that we hadn't used in forever.  OK, the towels we used back when our toilets were constantly overflowing due to our ancient sewer lines, but that's been replaced and there's not been one overflow.  Let me take a moment here to be thankful for THAT!  Anyway, all of that will be going to the animal shelter tomorrow as they are in constant need of such things.

So, I feel freakishly lighter.  I've got room in my closet and in all my drawers.

Perfect timing...I've got thrift shop dates with both my mom and my little guy this week.

Yay for Spring being sprung!

P.S.  The little guy and I are having a Macklemore challenge...$20 in our pocket...and bonus, we get 20% off because we'll be donating his old clothes while we're there.  Groovy!

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Style and's funny where they meet....

I love a good garage sale.  I really, really do.  Some of my fondest memories of garage sales were with my grand parents in Palo Alto when I was a kid.  They were awesome deal makers and negotiators.  And they called them rummage sales, which makes a heck of a lot more sense if you ask me.  I also went to many a garage sale (yard sale, more accurately) with my mom.  And I mean MANY!  It was as if the car lacked the capacity to not stop if one was on the path.  And, yes, my mom also was/is a great deal maker/negotiator.  My first troll dolls were acquired at said garage sales.  (I'm up to 35 now...all but one bought second hand...this confession might make me certifiable, eh?)

Anyway, while there were no Troll dolls to be found at this sale, we all left feelin' quite dandy and satisfied.  The highlights?

OK, my and Dave's are rather boring...shirts, sweaters, jackets, dresses (for me, not Dave), etc.  But, for the little guy, well, he's getting closer and closer to his Macklemore Halloween costume.  Dude's lookin' all Thrift Shoppy and stuff.

And if you're lucky enough to live in my neighborhood, you might just see him out walking with a friend right now.  You'll know it's he by the long mink coat (I know, I'm not a fan and I made him pay for this himself), the awesome fedora, the stylin' button down shirt, the fabulous slacks, and his fancy dress shoes.

Dude's got serious style and courage, I tell ya what!

Dave and I?  Well, we're stylin', but no courage required for our outfits.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Be Someone who Matters

I'm not one to get all soap boxy and least not here on my blog...but a little conversation I had spurred me to get on perhaps just a bar of soap.

Me:  "I wouldn't care if either of my kids were gay."

Little guy:  "Why would you?"

Me:  "I know, right?  Love is love."

Little guy:  "Yeah."

Me:  "Did you know that there are actually some parents out there who disown their children if they're children are gay."

Little guy:  Silence...absolutely horrified look.

Me:  "You know me, I'd just tell you to invite your boyfriend right on over."

Little guy:  "I know.  I'm not gay, though, mom."

Me:  "I know you're not."

Anyway, sending love out to all children and adults who happened to not be accepted by their parents or anyone else just because they're gay.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who 
mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
- Dr. Suess

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dastardly Digits

I found myself wondering about something this afternoon.  Something I didn't really care to be wondering about, but circumstances pretty much demanded that I did.  Of course the demanding would likely just be a whisper for normal folk, but for my germaphobe self, yeah, pretty much screaming its demand.

Here's what got me to the wondering point.  The kid is in the car with me.  He takes his shoes off as is his habit, and then the toot starts controlling the A/C and radio WITH HIS TOES!!!!

I screamed at him, of course, "Get your toes off my freakin' car!!!!" 

Here's what I'm wondering.  Hands are gross, right?  I mean they touch everything!  And when they're teenage boys hands they likely don't get washed at all during the course of that day.  Feet are gross, too.  Just by definition.  But, really, are feet that have been contained in socks and shoes all day any grosser than those hands?

I dunno...thinking I may need to be OK with the toes in the future.  But I'm definitely taking some antibacterial wipes to the entire area.  Bleck!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's just a reflex, I suppose...lucky me!

Yes, it's another episode of "Mom sings in the car...Kid doesn't like it."  Only this time it ended quite well.  You see, I'm one of those moms who tells her kids that she loves them ever single day...a lot!  I tell them they're beautiful, amazing, and incredible people.  Course I also tell them they're stinky, slobs, lazy and stubborn, but you can get away with it if you've lavished them with the good stuff, right?  That's how I justify it, anyway, and manage to sleep well without feeling like the worst mom ever in spite of the fact that my kids think I earn the title on a regular basis.

Anyway...when I was driving with my kid the other day I was singing along with whatever hip-hop song he'd put on.

Little guy:  "Gosh, mom, you're so annoying."

Me:  "La, la, la, la..."

Little guy:  "Shhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Me:  "I love you."

Little guy:  "I love you, too."

Ha!  Gotta love it that my kid's auto response to "I love you" is "I love you, too."  Yup!  And I'm assuming he absolutely, positively means it!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Feeling Catty

So I found a spot on my cat today.  Not a bad spot or anything, just an interesting spot.  Mind you, I've had this cat for about ten years and had not until this very day found this particular spot.  You see, when I work my way down his spine toward his tail, just past the spot that makes him get all narrow-eyed and twitchy (I've known about that spot for a very long time), there's a spot slightly on his left side where if I scratch it he starts licking the air, licking my face, just licking, licking, licking.

I ask you, what purpose does this spot have evolutionarily?  I just don't get it.

P.S. About this painting...I know it's wacky.  This weekend I created a bunch of "starter" pieces by painting a blob on paper.  My fun goal is to look at each blob and see what sort of creature is trying to come out and make it happen.  With this one I saw a cute little wonky cat.  Expect more wonkiness!  More are coming!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Growin' Like a Durn Weed!

A few weeks ago I was "stuck" waiting for my kid's band performance to start.  I thought, "Yay!  People watching!"  But all the adults who were also "stuck" were fabulously boring.  Pretty much every one of them had their noses in their technology piece of choice.  While, yes, I happily utilize my device on many occasions, there's this rebel part of me that simply cannot let myself join the masses.  So...there I sat...looking around...and I'm so glad I did!

You see, soon thereafter a bunch of band members began trickling by in their formal concert attire.  And I tell you what, they had me seriously tickled!  Here's why...

As a result of growing faster than new clothes can be affordably be purchased for them:

• there were so many high water pants.
• many of those same pants were uber tight in all the wrong places...poor kids!
• button down shirts were ever so wrinkly.
• black duct tape had a big presence on shoes covering up anything that made them look like tennies.

My kid?  Oh, yeah.  Some serious high waters and his waistband was forcing him to hold his breath lest his button go "POP!"  And his shirt?  Yeah, they're lucky I put it in the dryer to "fluff" it just a few minutes before we left home.

So today I took some corrective measures.  I dragged out those too short/too tight pants, ripped out the hem, ripped out the back seam, and those pants done got redid.  The kid tried 'em on, turned around, breathed a few times, noted that the pants now drug on the job was done. least until the next growth spurt, anyway.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Satiating a Geek

I know you've wondered what rocketeers do when it's too windy to get their geek on, right?  Well, I found out today.  They are, in fact, willing to drive (or be driven, in this case) from one city to the next in search of their drug of

So, when the windspeeds were too high for us to safely launch our rocket...20 M.P.H. and higher...we packed up and headed to the next town for a robotics competition.

My favorite quote of the day?  "Oh, that's the blablablameter."  Or something like that, anyway.

Yup, my wonderful geeks were satiated indeed.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

And now for something entirely different...

OK, this will be a first for me.  I'm going to do a wee bit of a game here, a contest let's say.  So, this here painting was something that a person I know specially requested of me that I draw.  This person gave me three symbols pertinent to their life and I created the painting you see below.

Here's the deal.  If you can figure out what all three of them are you can choose any one of the paintings on my Etsy site ( to have for free.  Now, the catch is that only the first one to figure it out wins a painting.  And, no, you can't be in the family I grew up in to win.

Post a comment, email me if you have that, text me if you know my number, contact me on facebook, etc.

Ready, set, go!!!

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