Monday, March 13, 2017

Slouch Caps to Benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center

I just added slouch caps to my Etsy page! I made more, but I ended up falling in love with and keeping 4 of them! :-) And then there are the two I made for my boys...they love them, too! Here's my Etsy site:

Anyway, I upcycle them from t-shirts, sweaters, leftover material, and anything else folks send my way. Please understand that I'm not a seamstress. I simply consider myself a "Queen of the Straight Stitch". So set your quality expectations accordingly.

Purchases of my slouch caps (and much of my other art) help raise money for me to donate. Sales of my slouch caps benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center...because they most definitely are not slouches.

And please excuse my selfie style photos...I'm the most convenient model I've got.

Thank you!

And I made another pussyhat...I love this one and it will be SO HARD to let go of it!
Its sale will benefit Planned Parenthood.

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