Thursday, May 17, 2018

She Stood Tall

She stood tall, raised up by those who came before her.

"She Stood Tall"
I never, ever like to waste any paint so I will use any leftover paint on my brush by painting on a canvas or any surface and let it be the background of a future piece. I'd been using this board in that way for a while when I realized that my random strokes had formed a figure. I added the tiniest details just for fun (the gold bits sparkle).

I absolutely love this unintended creation!

Original available here for $25.
11"x3"x.5" on wood leftover from a friend's woodworking project.
Edges painted and ready to hang.

Prints available on request.
(Printed image may be slightly cropped for printing purposes.) 

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  1. Isn't it great when something like that happens? She's a beauty, Kali! Love the writing on the piece and the gold bits.

  2. Could it be a cat wearing a wedding gown in honor of the royal wedding? haha