Sunday, October 18, 2020


When I first started this painting and was in the initial stages of layering, three figures stood out, and the word "soar" popped into my mind. I continued to paint and they continued to remain a presence. Last night I photographed it, turned off the living room lights, and went to bed. This morning as I ate my breakfast I looked at the painting from across the room, a good twenty feet or so, and noticed that there was a cross on the top figure. I had not noticed it as such during any stage of the painting. It was simply another bit of under layer. So as a person who has not embraced any religion I was left in a state of wonder. Not only wonder, as in awe, but also wonder as in "I wonder if I should diminish its appearance in some way." But my painting had told me last night (yes, my paintings communicate with me) that it was finished, and so I am listening.

Recently I wrote a piece for a group I'm a part of. "Faith" was the topic. Here's an excerpt:

"I don’t have a big picture feeling about faith in regard to faith religion-wise, though I do believe there is something bigger, some sort of guiding force. Faith when used in the context of “I have faith in,” does hold great meaning. I have faith in friendship, faith in the ability of people to choose to do good things, faith that things tend to work out, faith that expressing my gratitudes and intentions bring great beauty to my life, and faith in myself."

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