Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"Live a Great Story" and 15 Day Challenge #1 - Day 7

One of my favorite things to see when I'm on the hike and bike trail in Austin is one pillar sporting the words "LIVE A GREAT STORY". I read it and think, "Yes!!!" As I was creating this piece inspired by a class I'm taking I just kept having those words running through my mind, and just a couple of days ago I was given some letter stencils, so inspiration came into fruition perfectly. And, bonus, I got to burn stuff in the process of making art! I love the "messiness" of this piece. Life is messy and most wonderful when lived fully without worry of being wrinkled, tarnished, etc. That is simply a testimony to a life lived with passion and full of experiences and adventures.

"Live a Great Story"
This painting is part of a year-long online art class (instructor Mary Beth Shaw). 

Day 7

Words and feelings: calm, full moon, starlight, peace

Mixed Media 

This is part of a series of 15 day abstract painting challenges. If there's any point in the process when you love what I've done and want me to STOP, just let me know and it's yours. The base price will be $30 and each day I work on it will add $10 to the price. (For example, if you love it at day 4, it will be $70.) They will be ready to hang with the canvas edges painted black, sealant applied, and wired for installation. I'll be posting daily photos here (with my daily words/feelings, because that's so much fun!). If I get all the way to day 15 they'll be listed for sale in my Daily Paintworks gallery.

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