Sunday, August 28, 2016

The moon danced with the stars on the night you were born...

I was captivated by this quote (unknown author) and wanted to build it into a painting. 

"The moon danced with the stars on the night you were born..."
I love the texture!
 This painting is part of a year-long online art class (instructor Gillian Lee Smith).
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  1. Hi. Beautiful artwork, I really love it! Just thought you might be interested to know that this quote is by Nancy Tillman, found in her beautiful children's book "On the Night You Were Born."

    1. Thank you, Cara!! I would love to credit her in my blog, but I wasn't able to find that exact quote. I found the words to the book here, but it's similar, but not exact. ( Please let me know if you have something different. And thank you so much for loving my work! xoxoxo