Saturday, February 25, 2017


Several weeks ago I saw a dress hanging in my mom's house. It was totally not my size and absolutely not my style, but it had the most magnificent giraffes on it. I told her how much I loved it. Skip forward to the next time I saw her and she gave me the giraffe dress!!! It sat at my house for a couple of weeks and then tonight I decided I needed to alter it into something I'd love AND wear.

This is the before photo.
I'm literally swimming in this dress!

And this is the after!
I LOVE it!!!!!
Start to finish it took fewer than 30 minutes. I'm feeling inspired to get my seamstress on! Thanks, mom!


  1. Love your mad seamstress skills, Kali! Thirty minutes? That's awesome. I LOVE it, too!!

  2. You are ROCKING those giraffes and that "new" dress! Precious!! XO, E