Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tom Cat

When my son was eighteen, he came home smiling ear to ear and declared, "I'm eighteen and I can adopt a cat." Then he showed us the most adorable tiny orange tabby kitten. Well, I have to admit that we weren't thrilled. We already had two big dogs and an elderly cat. So we told our son that he'd have to keep the cat in his room and pay all the expenses.

Skip forward three years. That tiny kitten, Tommy, is now one of our twelve beloved pets (1 big dog, 3 cats...all rescues, and eight chickens). We love that orange tabby our kid adopted so much that when our son decided to move out a couple of years ago we told him he wasn't allowed to take Tommy with him.

Last week my son asked me to paint "something like this". He handed me my favorite illustrated childhood piano book. It was a line drawing of a down on his luck, clearly drunk, injury prone cat. I told him, "Sure, but I'm not going to make him a drunk cat."

After days of idea collaboration here is "Tom Cat". My son is stoked to have it on his bedroom wall. I think this commission makes me happier than all of the others I've had the privilege of doing.

And, icing on the cake, my kid and I chose to raise money for Austin Pets Alive by giving them a portion of every print sold.

"Tom Cat"
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  1. Sweet story, and I can see why your son loves the painting!!

    1. Thank you, Chris. It really touched me that he wanted it. xoxo