Sunday, August 13, 2017

Adding some Whimsy to the Hood

I've been busy with a super fun "little" project. It all started with a fence, a rather dilapidated fence, a fence that we were so hoping would be replaced with a cool new fence by the developer who was building the huge house you can see in the background of the first photo. Well...that didn't happen. So David, our boys, and I tore down the old one and put up a new one.

Our old dilapidated fence.

The guys working on our new fence.

Well, that new fence was screaming "I'm not just a fence, I'm a canvas!!!!" And, not to crush a fence's dreams, we decided to make that happen.

My mock-up of the fence mural.

David and I painted the fence white.

I was so excited I had to snap a shot in the first hour or so of painting.

End of Day 1

A squirrel above me was eating nuts and dropping partial nuts and spit on me. Ew!

End of Day 2

Here I am signing it at the end of day 3.

30' of Flowers

Panoramic video...not sure if this will work on the blog.
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  1. Kali!! Omgosh, this is stunning! I can't believe you got so much done in so little time. What a HUGE difference, huh?

    1. Thank you so much, Katie! I've been busy setting up my classroom for the school year so my response is slow. I had no idea how sore mural painting would make my body. Whew! Hope to do more of this!

  2. Kali, I think you should accept international commissions (like Wyland and his whales) & beautify the world.
    Beautiful result!! Love it!! Really enjoyed the photos!

    1. Thanks, Chris! Sorry for not responding sooner. I've been madly prepping my classroom. I think I'm ready for kids to come on Monday. :-) Ready or not, here they come! The mural was so much fun to do. Excited to do more BIG art. xo