Sunday, August 6, 2017

Make a Splash

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone
across the waters to create many ripples."
-Mother Teresa

Let's all make a splash and create some awesome ripples.

"Make a Splash"
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  1. Hi Kali - thanks for commenting on my second (not very prolific) blog! Your "Make a Splash" is a cool abstract and I can see why you titled it that! I mess around with abstract too and I am wondering how you are doing with your DailyPaintworks gallery and Etsy shop? I do have an Etsy shop but have put only one painting in there so far. Have been thinking about the DPW gallery too ... thank you again so much for commenting!

    1. Hi, Teri! Thank you! I've sold probably fewer than 50 pieces of art through my DPW gallery. And I've sold a number of prints of my work on my Etsy shop. But the vast majority of my sales have been through self promotion on facebook and studio tours that I'm a part of. It's always such an amazing thing when a total stranger purchases my work. Most of my work, however, has been purchased by friends and acquaintances. It's an incredible honor when anyone welcomes my art into their homes. I do love having the DPW site because it keeps my gallery of art organized, items are listed with prices and available for sale, and all those little red dots are simply fabulous.

  2. Love the painting, Kali (ah, that color!), and love the quote!!

    1. Thanks, Chris! I wasn't thinking of water when I was painting it, but afterward water is all I could see.