Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Since summer began I've started each day with eyes closed and thoughts of gratitudes and intentions. I've done five sun salutations every single day upon rising. I've gathered my hair up in asymmetrical clumps on each side of my head and worn the same three outfits (except for that one day I got all fancy and put on overalls). I've worked on writing five days a week and played the piano every single day. And I have been painting again.

I'm not quite like the me I knew before all of this, but I'm me...ish, and being me-ish is a good thing.


I'm taking an online portrait class and this is my first piece.

Not For Sale
12"x9"" on canvas.

My original paintings are available in my online gallery.

Let me know if you're interested in prints of my paintings.
  I welcome commissions.
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  1. aww..I love this self portrait of you, Kali. :) I'm a bit jealous of your piano playing. I'm still looking for a keyboard to buy. The one I had in mind has been sold out on Amazon for months now. I hope you're having a great Wednesday! xo