Thursday, July 15, 2021

Do Not Tame the Wild Within You

"Do not tame the wild within you;

embrace your passions; 

be a savage to your dreams; seize the day;

embrace the restless warrior in you;

this is your life; find your inner strength;

you're free to choose."


This canvas has had several lives. In 2017 when #metoo was in the news I'd painted a young woman, owning both her fear and bravery. I'd used gesso and charcoal and you can still see some of her in the background. A couple of weeks ago I decided to paint over this piece and began using the canvas as a palette for a commissioned piece I'm working on. As I used more and more colors it became more and more powerful. I could feel the life force of the woman in the background coming through and I knew it was time to have this canvas become its own piece. 

"Do Not Tame the Wild Within You"

Image description: an abstract painting with oranges, browns, whites, and golds. The gold paint shimmers and some of the white has black spots of different sizes and shapes painted on it. There are drips of India ink flowing down the canvas and squiggles/dots created with ink around some of the shapes created by the paint in the background. The India ink also shimmers.

Mixed Media - acrylic, charcoal, ink, India ink
11"x14" on Canvas
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