Monday, July 19, 2021

I Am

I attended an artist talk by Maria Palacios that was hosted by Art Spark Texas last week. Along with so many amazing things she told, showed, and taught us, she did a writing prompt. I used a wood panel for my writing, which then became a palette for a painting I was working on, and then it became the flowers you see below. You can see a bit of my writing at the bottom. 

Please check out Maria's instagram (@goddess_on_wheels_) and Art Spark Texas', too (@artsparktx).

"I Am"

Image description: a white vase with black spots and streaks with black and pink flowers in it. It is on a wood panel with writing that is mostly obscured at the bottom of the piece. The writing is upside-down.

Mixed Media - acrylic, ink
14.5"x5" on Wood
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