Sunday, August 14, 2011

Doodlicious kind of day!

Spent the day helping Dave with an A/V setup in San Marcos yesterday.  So much fun seeing his sister, Dayna, and our niece, McKae, who both work at the hotel where the equipment was being used.  Before we left Austin, I painted a doodle in my journal.  There's a little kitty spit in this one...caught Pug drinking out of my brush rinse dish.  Good thing I was using my cheap, non-toxic crayola watercolor set for this one...who knows what they put in my more expensive sets.  I'm thinking the kitty spit added a little something special!

We spent hours (yes, "hours") between set up and break down in a great little coffee shop called The Coffee Pot.  Dave worked on his super cool animation and I took a stab at drawing with colored pencils.  While we were there this lovely young guy (total dead ringer for Adrien Brody) went to each table and asked permission from everyone there for him to play the piano.  We all cheered him on and he was AMAZING!  There was a T-shirt on the wall behind the counter that said, "Keep San Marcos Weirder than Austin"...good job today, San Marcos!

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