Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spears and Flowers

From behind the front room blinds, I watch my little guy as he crosses the street after getting off the school bus.  After a LONG day at school, starting with football practice at 6:45, that kiddo is smiling and has such an incredible bounce in his step.  He walks up to the house, tosses his backpack on the porch swing, setting it in motion, and grabs the handmade bamboo stick spear that resides inclined against the corner of the house by the front door.  He throws it over and over and over, the tip unable to pierce the hard dry ground.  This kid loves his spear!  After returning his favorite weapon to its home, he bursts in the front door, shoulders seemingly more broad than when I dropped him at school this morning.  Little kid is going all mannish on me!  Beautifully so.

Being the only girl in the place, I go through phases of totally craving the girly things in life.  The phases are brief, and often overwhelmed by wrestling and B.O., but this last one came in the form of craving girly wallpaper for my cell phone.  Sometimes a girl just needs some flowers....

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