Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hairy Cat

I love to wear black.  I usually have some black on pretty much all of the time.  My bikini is black.  My workout clothes are black.  My favorite shoes are black (except for my most recent pair which is leopard print...but those are totally cool, as you'll see later in this post).  My jackets are black.  Most of my shirts are black.  And a large number of my dresses are black as well.

I also love my cats.  A lot.  And they happen to be orange tabbies...which is the problem.

As it's warming up, they're beginning to shed.  A lot.  This means their hair is everywhere, even with a good brushing now and again.  And all that orange hair has become my accent color.  Skip back to my comment about my new leopard print shoes.  Well, those are only improved by the addition of soft orange kitty cat hairs.

So here's what I think needs to happen.  There needs to be a chameleon cat invented.  They're doing wackier stuff with DNA, so why not, right?  A cat who could not only blend in with any color background, but its shed hair would easily blend in with any item of clothing I could challenge it with.

Alright you scientist types...go!

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