Saturday, April 12, 2014

Not Going There Again

Took my boys shopping today because they needed shorts.  And me, well, I needed nothing.  But I looked anyway just in case I needed to be impulsive or anything like that.  And, by golly, I found the cutest T-shirt.  It wasn't with other shirts that looked like it, so somebody must've just set it there as an unwanted.  But I dug it.

I strolled around while I waited for my guys and I stumbled upon a pile of shirts just like the one I had on.  And, oh yay, it was on sale.  I held it close as I was already in love, my eyes tracked upward, and there was a mannequin wearing the very shirt I was holding.  A pregnant mannequin.


And I delicately set the shirt down on the pile and walked away.  Nope, not going there again.

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