Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Oops, He Did it Again

Yes, my husband's at it again.  He opened a package that came in the mail...that was addressed to me!!  Not cool, am I right?  Now really, ultimately I don't mind a bit.  It wasn't anything top secret.  It was just a couple of Swiss Army knives I'd ordered for the big guy and myself.  But the sheer pleasure of getting to open your own package is, well, it's awesome.  And I was denied.  Humph!

Well, timing is everything, right?  Whilst I was griping about having been denied my basic rights as a human (brown box-wise), the UPS guy pulled up out front and ran to our door and dropped off another package.  I sprinted to the door, picked up my package, saw my name, ran back in, retrieved my brand new Swiss Army knife, and proceeded to open that package!!!!!

It's not often that I get to resolve things and get satisfaction so quickly.

P.S. If you're wondering what my uber exciting package was...well, drum roll, it was herbal tea.  I get excited about the simplest things, what can I say?

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