Monday, November 24, 2014

Blog Hop Around the World!

I'll get to the blog hop in just a moment. First I want to share with you my daily painting for today. This post is all about love for my fellow artists and their work, our love of creating art, and the love of art appreciation.  Here's to love....

  Click here to view my gallery.  Most of my paintings are for sale.

 What's a blog hop...

A few weeks ago I was invited by Rebekah Nemethy to participate in a blog hop. I responded immediately with a big "Yes!" I'm super excited to have the opportunity to share Rebekah's beautiful work with you, share a bit about myself and my work, and give you a glimpse into the work of several other amazing artist friends of mine from all over the world.

First, Rebekah...she and I met through Daily Paintworks, a website where artists can upload their work (many of us are daily painters) and offer them for sale.  I'm thrilled that Rebekah noticed my work and got in touch with me.  I do so love this amazing internet artist community that I'm lucky to be a part of!

Rebekah is an amazing photographer.  What I love about her work is that rather than stepping back from something and seeing it as a whole, she captures the small details that make up the larger piece, the bits that could so easily go unnoticed, the parts that I find truly make me take pause and reflect.  It's sheer perfection that she has named her photography business, "Reflective Photos". Here's a sample of her lovely work.

Much of Rebekah's photography features animals and her love of creatures great and small shines through...she also donates a portion of her sales to a number of organizations that support and care for homeless animals.

I invite you to check out her delightful blog that currently features a weekly project that introduces a new photo and 100 words every week.

Her work is available for sale here.

And now a bit about me...

1. What am I working on?  Since June of 2011 I've created something (a painting, a sketch, etc.) each and ever day, and in August of 2011 I started my daily blog featuring my creations. I'm always working on something. I carry my sketch pad and small ruled notebook everywhere I go.  I'm constantly jotting down ideas in either picture or written form. One thing I'm putting a lot of energy into these days is creating the illustrations for a picture book I'm writing.  It's a lovely and amazing thing to tell a story in such a visual way.  I'm also feeling the itch to do another large mural...look out walls of my house...another one of you is about to get some colorful attention!

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre? Well, gosh, this is something I've never really thought about.  I would like to think that my art infuses its viewers with love, joy, happiness, and bliss. That my work tells a story that people can relate to. Really, I'm not even sure what genre my work belongs to unless "Whimsy" is a genre.  

3. Why do I create what I do? It's quite simple.  I create because it makes me ever so happy.  If I have any stress from my life, my art diffuses it.  If I'm already feeling happy, I feel even happier. I've heard that when you dance or sing you cannot help but be happy.  For me my art is like that.  I also absolutely love, love, love to give my art away as gifts and when my art is purchased I'm beyond honored that someone has chosen to welcome it into their home. 

4. How does my creating process work? I typically have at least ten pieces that I'm working on at the same time, often many more. They're all at different stages and I complete them in no particular order, it's just when the urge strikes.  Sometimes I'll lay them all out on the table and one will actually call to me, "Pick me!" :-) Much of the time ideas just pop into my head and I simply paint something that makes me feel good.  Flowers are like that for me.  Sometimes I am inspired by an event or something I've seen and I'll draw/paint from memory or a photo I've snapped on my phone. Basically I'm all over the place with my process, but it works really well for me. Then each day I pair a completed painting with a funny/silly/goofy/crazy/whimsical story from my life and post them in my blog.

Continue the blog hopping on 12/1/14 with these amazing artists!

Prerna Poojara is an amazing artist living in India that I met through an online course we are both taking, Dancing with Your Dreams. Prerna's lovely and intuitive style is breathtaking.  The faces she creates are truly incredible as well as her projects, Infinite Buddhas of Compassion and 108 Ganeshas

Prerna's favorite mediums are canvas and paper and for her, art is a spiritual practice to heal and understand her life purpose. Prerna's beautiful work is available here.

Salima Alikhan, a fellow Austinite, is an incredible artist I met when we both took a picture book writing class at The Writing Barn here in Austin.  She's beautifully illustrated three children's picture books and has written and illustrated one.  She's been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil, and has loved art pretty much more than anything in the world all her life. The first thing she attempted to draw was Mighty Mouse, in chalk, on pavement.  Here's one of my favorites of her many amazing pieces.

Her illustrations are painted with such incredible feeling and sensitivity. I love the emotional connection I get when I look at them. Links to Salima's published works are here.

Amy Burke O'Toole is an amazing artist and teacher from Pennsylvania.  She beautifully put together the Dancing with Your Dreams course that Prerna, I, and many other artists from around the world took together. Amy is an incredibly heartfelt and sensual artist.  She is an intuitive painter and her work leaves me breathing more deeply, my spirit more calm, and my mind more at peace when I see them. Here is a recent piece that I absolutely love.

Amy works with a huge range of media and is one of the most creative creatives I have the pleasure of knowing. More of Amy's work can be seen here.

Wanda Collins Johnson is a lovely artist from Tennessee I met at a picture book workshop at The Writing Barn.  Wanda exudes beauty, love, and peace with her being and that is beautifully expressed through her paintings and writing as well. Both her writing and painting are exquisite in their expressiveness and as a reader and viewer you melt into them. This is one of my favorites of her work. 

Her choice of media and colors give her work a dreamy quality that soothes my soul. Wanda's work is available here.

Thank you so much for reading about some of my favorite artists!  Be sure to check out each of their blogs on December 1 when they post a bit about me and a few of their favorite artists.

I'd love for you to share my art and blog with the links below.  Thanks!


  1. I love your painting of the day and all that it represents, what a perfect painting to compliment your blog hop post! I can't thank you enough for participating in this blog hop, this has been an adventure in discovery for me and I can't wait to see how far it goes. Now I'm off to explore these artists, can't wait to see who they introduce next week =)

    1. Thank you! I'm honored that you included me!! This was so much fun!

  2. Thank you so much Kali for including me. Loved reading about your process. I will soon stop by and check out every one you mentioned. This is such a beautiful way to travel around and check out the lovely art right from my home. Loved going through Rebekah's post too.

  3. thanks for sharing .. blogging is a meditation