Monday, November 17, 2014

Chicken with a Beard - American Cancer Society Fundraiser

One of our sweet little chickens, Piper, has an eye infection. She's been patient for the most part as I work on cleaning her eye regularly, but every once in a while she lets out a squawk of protest.  And lucky for that chicken, her faithful friend, Hazel, our big dog, is always right at her side to lend a sympathetic whimper. 

I adore their unlikely friendship.

I'm finally getting around to fulfilling a friend's challenge to put a beard on a chicken.  After all, why not?  People have beards.  Billy goats have beards.  Even my dog, Hazel, sports quite a beard when her hair grows long.

So, I give you, chicken with a beard.

Again, I'll donate the sales of these bearded wonders to the American Cancer Society in memory of my wonderful and totally not bearded, yet cool as all get out, Nana.

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