Friday, November 14, 2014

Going just a Tad Punk

The big guy's car is out of commission, so I've offered to let him borrow my car since I can pretty much just walk or ride my bike anywhere I'd like to go.  It's been hard on the big guy, though.

You see, he has a sweet little sports car, a lovely thing that reeks of power and cool.  Me?  Well, I have a sweet little Prius, a sweet thing that reeks of practicality. 

Big guy:  "No, mom.  I don't want to be seen driving to school in a Prius."

But he's been using it frequently anyway because he does need to get from here to there.  Thing is, I've noticed that he's made one small adaptation to my car.  And I'm not counting the fact that he scoots the seat all the way back so his tall, lanky self can fit.  No, it's that he removes the sweet little origami crane that I have hanging from my rear view mirror and puts it in the cup holder. 

Me:  "Hey, you keep taking my crane off when you use my car."

Big guy:  "Yeah, mom, it's bad enough that I have to drive around in a Prius with an 'Oops, I went punk' sticker on it.  I am not driving around with that crane, too."

It's OK, I can rehang an origami crane with the best of them.  And, hey, it's good for the big guy to go just a tad punk.

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