Friday, April 17, 2015


I had the oddest dream last night. I was a back seat driver. Now outside of my dreams, this is actually a bit of a reality...just ask my husband. I twitch, grab the elbow rest, and I "helpfully" offer suggestions.

But while I was a backseat driver in my dream, it was nothing like real life. I was, literally, backseat driving. As in I was the backseat of a car, all alone, yet I was in control of the driving of the vehicle. And I must say that it's a very odd thing sitting in the backseat of a car whilst controlling its every move. But that strangeness isn't what stuck with me. No. It was the odd wondering about how on earth I was managing to reach the pedals from the back seat with my short legs.

And I've been pondering that all day long.

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