Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Lucretia

In this amazing class I'm taking we were given the lovely Lucretia, by Rembrandt, as inspiration. This is my version of that painting. It's not supposed to be her, just be inspired by her. I decided to give her some hair across her a chick with a BIG forehead, er fivehead, I didn't want my painted lady to have to live with that. She gets to use the same trick I use, a bit of hair swept over it to lessen the vast acreage.
After much work I'm pleased with her, though I'd love to know what is on her mind.

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  1. Love your color palette, ...and your big forehead commentary. You seem to be having lots of fun with this class. Looking forward to seeing more!!

    1. Thank you! :-) And speaking of palette, I created today's painting out of the paint tray I'd been using...similar palette, totally different subject/style. I have to admit that the pace of the class is exhausting on top of my full time job. Blissfully exhausting!