Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fuzzy Flitting

We love all of our chickens. We really do. They're adorable, they give us eggs, they eat bugs...they're awesome. Well, all but one of them lays eggs, anyway. One chicken, our sweet Fuzzy, does not.

Fuzzy is our little Silkie. She's smaller than the other chickens. She lay one!...several months ago. Her little beak is crooked and the top doesn't line up with the bottom. Her feathers came in all scraggly and that little one can't even consider trying to fly. And with all that she's decidedly our  most adorable chicken by far.

I sat in the chicken yard taking in Fuzzy and all her cute glory. I started to sketch her and she flitted here and flitted there. That girl flitted everywhere.

So I present Fuzzy, fabulously flitting of course!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Fuzzy, she is adorable I agree.

    1. She's's like living with an adorable little cartoon character. :-)