Friday, March 14, 2014

Dog Ugly Duds

So this finally happened.

Big guy:  "Did you wear that when you just went out?"

Here's the thing.  I gave our big dog, Hazel, a hair cut today.  And when I do that her hair gets everywhere.  Everywhere!  My routine is to change into something both minimal and undesirable (as in I won't likely want to wear it later that day).

Today's hair cutting ensemble?

• black boxer shorts with red kissing lips all over them...pretty sure they used to belong to one of my boys.

• lavender tank top with purple trim.

It was quite functional and absolutely, positively hideous.

Me:  "No, I changed when I went out and changed back into this lovely fashion statement when I got back."

Big guy:  "Good!"

"Bounding Toward Home"
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