Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's a Weighty Situation

So we went scale shopping tonight.  We already had one, but it liked to mess with us.

Step weight...step off.

Step back on...four pounds heavier...step off.

Step back on again...six pounds lighter...step off.

And then I swear the scale smirked, just a bit.

So off we went to the store.  Did you know you can scarcely find a scale that will just tell you how much you weigh?

Those darn things check your body fat, your body water (?), your calorie consumption, your muscle percentage, your bone mass, and can even interact with your cell phone.  Our new one isn't quite as fancy as all that, but it will be so, um, er, exciting having all sorts of new data about myself to share...once we figure out how to use what is currently the most high tech thing in our house.

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