Sunday, March 16, 2014

In the Nose of the Beholder

About six months ago Dave sent a postcard in to the city in response to a "free trees" offer.  Awesome!  Fabulous!  Amazing!

The city dropped the trees off about a month later and Dave put them in the ground.  He watered them faithfully and they've absolutely thrived under his care.  Which is good, because if I'd been in charge they'd be goners.

Anyway, as spring has come both trees have begun flowering.  I absolutely love flowering trees!!  With the exception of one kind, that is.  You see, there's this tree at the school where I've worked for the past ten years.  It's incredibly fragrant.  And it's an odd thing.  The smeller either perceives the scent as pure heaven or as stanky as the bat guano under the Congress Avenue Bridge here in town.  I, unfortunately, am the latter.

And you guessed it, one of those delightful trees that now reside in my front yard is one such tree.  Beautiful, but stanky.  I'm determined to love this foul tree...even if I have to wear a clothespin on my nose to do it.

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