Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Backyard Whodunnit

We've had four eggs laid by our chicken(s). And it is fabulous! But the mystery of which chicken is laying them has been driving us a bit nuts. We knew that it couldn't have been Red. Her eggs are expected to be brown and the eggs we've been finding have been white. So that left Phyllis and Fuzzy as possible layers. Hmmmmmm....

But this afternoon the most amazing and wonderful thing EVER happened. I was outside in our chickens' yard giving them cottage cheese and grass. They were super duper happy, munching, munching, munching. All of a sudden one of them ran behind the air conditioner, faced the corner where two walls meet, and started doing very strange movements. Now I've seen my chickens do a lot of strange movements, but nothing like this, so of course I got myself in a good spot to watch.

And lo and behold, a couple of minutes later an egg popped out. A beautiful, perfect, and amazingly oval egg!

Me: "Phyllis! You are awesome! Thank you!"

Phyllis: "Whatever, I'm going back to eat some more."

And that amazing girl of mine scampered back to the food and I retrieved my prize.

Woo hoo! Mystery solved!

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