Monday, February 16, 2015

Graffiti This!

I finally got around to doing something that I've been threatening to do for a while. I created a space in my house for a living, breathing wall of art. A space where whenever I get the urge, I (or anyone else for that matter) can pull out some paint and just do whatever strikes my fancy. And if it no longer strikes my fancy I can just paint right over it. Or not. Or expand upon it. Or give it a hat. Or whatever!

It's kind of like my own Graffiti Park at Castle Hill or Lamar Boulevard Graffiti Wall. I am super excited to see what shows up!

The wall is in our hallway just between my boys' rooms.

Me: "I painted a wall just for you."

Big guy: "Oh, thanks, mom."

I can tell by his precious smile that having a graffiti wall just outside of his bedroom isn't his idea of awesome, but he supports his mom's idea of awesome...and likely hopes that I'll keep the flowery princess themed characters to a minimum.

Here is the colorful canvas...ready to receive.

Click here to view my gallery.  Most of my paintings are for sale 
(though not this one as it's attached to my house).
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