Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Look of Compassion

So the little guy is a slob. His floor is covered with all kinds of everything. Dishes linger in his room for days on end. And it never, ever occurs to him to empty his overflowing trash can.

Me: "You oughta clean your room, kiddo."

Little guy: "What? It's fine."

Me: "Well at least bring your dishes to the kitchen."

He stood up right away to do it because he is an awesome kid, took one step, and landed SPLAT on the ground...because he tripped over one of the gazillion things on his floor.

Me, being the kind supportive mom that I am, looked at him with sweet tender love and compassion.

Little guy: "I know you're laughing on the inside, mom. Let it out or you'll explode."

So I did. Such a great kid to take care of his mom like that.

P.S. No, it's not a self portrait. I wouldn't dare attempt such a thing.

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