Thursday, February 5, 2015

That Chicken Look

I walked out to our chickens' yard holding a bowl of goodies. They eagerly ran up to me clearly expecting cottage cheese or at least some yummy seeds. So when I put the bowl of fresh organic green beans down for them they gave me the same look that my kids used to when I'd give them green beans.

Chickens: "Um, really? This is what we ran over here for?"

But being chickens they went ahead and ate it...unlike my kids.

I was looking at Juliet Crane's work on Pinterest and found myself inspired to take a left-handed stab at painting my chickens.

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  2. Oh great lef handied paint. CHeck out my first publication. Thanks

    1. Thank you! And what a fabulous, fun, and colorful piece to start your blog! Excited to see what comes! Congratulations!