Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blissful Creation

This painting marks the completion of a fourth year of creating a painting every single day. That's 1,461 paintings in 1,461 days! Whew! Thank you to everyone who has joined me on an incredible journey that has changed my life for the better in so, so many ways!

And as I enter my fifth year as an artist I'm going to make some changes. In the year ahead I want to focus on improving and trying new things. I want to take more art classes, I want to spread beyond paints to other media, I want to take on more commissions, I want to create videos, and so many more things. My blog and Facebook/Daily Paintworks/Twitter/Google+/Pinterest postings will change. I'll still be posting on my blog daily, but I won't be pushing to complete a painting of the day. I'll be taking on bigger and more detailed work that will likely take me more than a day to complete. (This has actually been the case for a while and I have been making myself a tad crazy...in a good way...creating extra paintings so I could still maintain my painting a day pace as the big painting I worked on took multiple days). So I'm going to give myself the wiggle room deadline wise and take you along with me through the process of creating my paintings. I'll continue to post my completed paintings as I have in the past.

This makes me feel both excited and vulnerable. Now everyone will know that all of my paintings go through an "ugly" phase (or phases, more accurately) before I consider them done. And actually, I never do consider them finished, but they all do come to a reasonable place to stop. I'm super excited to share this process!

So thank you for joining me on my fifth year of blissful creating!

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  1. Can't believe you have been creating a daily painting for four years! WOW! And this new direction is so exciting!! You are up to the challenge, Kali. And don't worry. I don't know anyone whose paintings don't go through those ugly phases. Looking forward to following you on this new journey.

  2. I look forward to seeing your process! How exciting to be moving on and trying new things!