Wednesday, June 3, 2015


We made the decision to have our chickens live free range in our back yard. We love it. They love it. The cats love it. And even our dog loves it. Seriously, there's nothing quite as adorable as looking out your back door and seeing six chickens standing over a peacefully sleeping cat. 

But one interesting thing about having free range chickens in the back yard is that in the process of all the hunting, pecking, and scratching they do in what used to be our lawn, they have excavated years and years of buried kid toys. They've dug up matchbox cars, playset tools, parts of balls, and tons of scraps of unidentified material. They've even found toy soldiers (my kids never had those, so these must be from previous families' kids). They're digging up stuff that's been buried up to 25 years ago or more!

And what have I done with these treasures? Well, I've rather unceremoniously tossed them in our trash.

This painting is another in the style of Marie Laurencin that I've worked on as part of a class I'm taking. Such fun!

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