Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dancing with the Stars - Part 1

I have this thing about wasting my art supplies. I can't stand to let it happen. When I cut watercolor paper down and have scraps left over, I hold on to all of them and make little gift tags or bookmarks. When I'm using acrylics I use a canvas as my palette. After a canvas palette is completely covered I use it as a background for a new piece. I think they make the most wonderful starting point for new art. 

This is the palette I used from my painting "Fourth of July" so you'll see the colors I used for it.

Here's the palette canvas I started with for today's painting.

I added a couple of figures, some stars, and other white elements.

I added black lines over the figures and added yellow accents.

I'm excited to finish this one tomorrow. I've had a day full of professional development for my wonderful teaching gig (I teach three and four year olds with disabilities). And the funny thing is, since I was thinking about school again after a bit of a break, I dreamt last night that I showed up to the training in something I'd never leave the house in. Oy.... And, yes, I dressed with care this morning to make sure it didn't turn into a reality.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! Really interesting to see how this great painting came together!

    1. I'm considering doing some simple videos of how I do a painting, something that would be totally accessible to any ability. My blogs with my "how to" stuff are a warm-up for that. Fun to think about!