Sunday, June 7, 2015

Horsing Around

I painted this as part of a class I'm taking. I'm always in awe of how HUGE horses are when you get to see them up close. I've only ridden a horse a handful of times...with mixed success. I still find them awe-worthy and beautiful beyond words.

When I was a kid I rode a horse as part of a group. We were all ages, kids through adults, and the horses were all super calm and docile. Except for mine. All of a sudden mine took off from the group, galloping with me bouncing atop. I bounced...and bounced...and bounced...and finally I flew off.


Then as a young adult I rode a horse for a Mount Rushmore tour. "See Mount Rushmore!" the sign proclaimed. Well, we did see it, but it was no bigger than the size of my hand when I held it up to compare. And apparently the horse was a tad dissatisfied with the tour as well as it very intentionally tried to ditch me as if I were a thorn in its side, deliberately walking under low branches and alongside bristly bushes. But I held fast this time.

And finally, as a 40+ adult a friend of mine let me ride her horse. We walked and trotted with my friend holding the reigns the entire time. That was pure bliss.

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