Sunday, June 28, 2015

Family Tree

I've got posters all around my classroom (I teach three and four-year-olds with disabilities). For the most part they're the mass produced type, the ones you'd see in any preschool program. I decided my classroom was due for a creativity facelift, so I've started painting my own posters (each about 5.5 feet tall) that will go on cupboard doors. I have a number of them that I want to create. Here's the's a "Family Tree"...a spot where each of the students will have a family photo.

Here are some of my ideas.

I drew it out and started painting the trunk.

I painted the leaves green and added a hole in the tree.
I thought a critter needed to call that tree its home.
I thought an owl would be just perfect!

And he's sleeping because school is during the daytime.

I'll have one of my students write the words "Family Tree" to go at the top.
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