Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Little Bird Will Make it Better

Tis true.

Quite accidentally we found the secret to keeping cut flowers looking awesome for much, much longer.  On Mother's Day, a couple of weeks ago, my kid and I were doing our Purple Martin volunteer gig.  One of the duties is to clear out sparrow nests so that the purple martins can get in the bird houses that are designed with them in mind.  One of the sparrow nests had a lovely purple flower with a stem in it.  The kid, being the resourceful guy he is, brought it over to me and said, "Happy Mother's Day!"  And I loved it...except for the bit of bird poo that was on it, of course, but just a flick and it was gone.

I took the flower to my car and put it in a glass of water I had in there.  And in my car, in that water, the flower sat for two weeks.  Through being parked in the sun and baking all the day.  Through moments of intense air conditioning.  That flower stayed absolutely lovely.  Until this morning when it suddenly didn't look so great any more.

So here's what the kid and I have concluded:

Bird poo is good for cut flowers.
Extreme heat is good for cut flowers.
Never changing the water is good for cut flowers.

And having been lovingly placed in a nest by a sweet little bird, well, that's the best of all.

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