Monday, May 26, 2014

A Perfect Storm Leads to a Perfect Lamp

You know how you can have something in your house for years, and this something just kind of bugs you every time you see it?  Well, I had something, well, many somethings, but today I tackled and fixed one of those somethings.

You see, there's this lamp that sits atop my desk.  It's pretty.  It's also utterly and completely boring.  Several years ago I even took it to a friend's house for a day of do-it-yourself projects but never got to it.  So it continued sitting pretty and being boring week after week after week.  Until today, when the perfect storm occurred.

Perfect storm ingredients:
- a day off for Memorial Day
- a literal storm outside keeping me inside
- a chance viewing of a blog I love
- having everything I needed right here

So I pulled my very boring white lamp shade off and painted flowers all over it.  Then I took the base and stem of the lamp and polka dotted the heck out of it.

And guess what!  I love my totally not boring lamp!

...and so does David!

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