Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Here's Looking at You, Kid

Little guy:  "Ooooow!  I think I just broke my finger."

Now I know I should have run to his aid.  I know I should have felt badly for him.  I know a 'good' mom would have shower him with love and kisses.

What did I do?  Well, I rolled my eyes and turned the other direction.

Why?  You ask?

Well, when your fifteen-year-old has come up with every distraction available to avoid doing homework for about three hours straight, and that has been accompanied by tons of nagging on your part, and then he decides to ride his unicycle through the kitchen and catches his pinky on the pot rack as he flails his arms around....

You get what I'm saying, right?

But I could only do it for a few seconds.  And then I got him a bag of ice and gave him a hug.  After all, I'm not that bad of a mom. And he's an absolutely terrific kid.

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