Thursday, May 8, 2014

Chicken Run

So it turns out that chickens are really, really fast.

Let me just pause here for a second to let you know that now that we have addition to dogs and cats...I think you should all be prepared to hear a lot of chicken stories.

Anyway, we're new to chickens so this is all a crash course for us.  Dave and I were pulling out the food and water dispensers to refill them and out ran one little chicken.  And by run, I pretty much mean like greased lightning.

And I tell you what, that little chicken ran like a little maniac around our back yard, through the fence to the neighbors yard, back through the fence to our back yard, then out the fence to the front yard, then back in our back yard, and when Dave opened up the door to the coop that little chicken scurried right on in.


And then we got the chicken wire out and put it all along the bottom of our chain link fence.  We're fast learners on this chicken crash course.

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