Thursday, May 15, 2014

Flowers and Stripes

The other day when I was walking my big dog, Hazel, I spied ahead of me something of pure delight.  Actually, someone.  A lovely lady was walking my way, her shoulder-length wavy gray hair bounced with each step, and she was wearing the most magnificently happy outfit ever!

She had a long-sleeved blue, red, and white striped shirt that came down to her upper thighs, and then below that she had on turquoise flowered capris.  I smiled ear-to-ear as she and I were about to pass.

Me:  "Your outfit makes me so happy!"  I told her.

Lovely lady:  "Your dog makes me happy!"  She told me.

And then off we went in opposite directions, happiness enhanced.  Bliss!

...I knew right then that I had to tell this story on canvas.

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