Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Laughing Together

I try to not laugh directly at my kids.  I prefer to laugh with them.  But sometimes I laugh at them knowing full well that someday they'll think it's funny, too.  And that's OK, right?

So the other day the little guy and I were at a store in the shaving section.  His face had been dry and he wanted some lotion.  But he didn't want lotion that smelled like flowers.  Nope.  He wanted to smell like, well, a man.

He picked up one, unscrewed the lid, gave it a tiny squeeze, and took a sniff.  Not to his liking.  He picked another one up, unscrewed the lid, gave it a tiny squeeze, and BLUUUURP!  A glob of lotion splooshed out and went right up his nose.  Really not to his liking.

"I think the first one will do," as he used his sleeve to soak up the mess.

And I laughed "with" him...future tense, that is.

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