Sunday, September 28, 2014

Front Porch Friend

There's a toad that lives on our porch.  I walk out at night to get our cats in (coyotes have been hanging in our hood lately) and there's always a toad right there.  It's a super friendly toad in that I'll-tolerate-you-picking-me-up-and-I'll-pee-just-as-a-matter-of-routine kind of way.  And there must be some great eatin' 'round these parts because over the last month that toad has gone from small to medium to BIG. 

I brought this up to my family and went on and on about my amazement.  And they were utterly and completely unimpressed.

Family member:  "There are three different toads.  A small one, a medium one, and a big one."

Me:  "Oh."

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