Friday, September 5, 2014

Fuel up Fail

I like to think that embarrassingly goofy stuff like this happens to most least some of the time.  But deep down I'm pretty sure it only happens to me. 

Today, for instance:

I pulled into a gas station to fill up my car.  I was down to a quarter of a tank so I was being super responsible and all.  I popped my gas cap cover, took my gas cap off, did all the credit card stuff, put the pump thing in, and started fueling.  Of course instantly I used that little stopper thing that keeps it pumping without you having to hold it the whole time.  And then I cleaned my back windows.  A little while later I heard a click, I pulled out the pump thingie, returned it to its dock, put my gas cap on, closed the cover, and got in my car and took off.

I gave it a bit of time for my gas gauge to rise to full as it always takes just a bit of time...and nothin'!  It didn't budge past the original quarter full. 

So when I got to the grocery store I pulled out my phone and checked my bank balance.  No charge from the gas station.

I must've never really gotten it fueling, though I went through all the motions. 

So this kind of thing happens to all of you, too, right?

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