Thursday, September 11, 2014

Looking...not good

My sweet husband has been taking a photography class.  Each week he comes home with an assignment.  This week's was titled something like "change the lighting and perspective dramatically" or something like that.  But what it was in reality was "make your wife look her very worst"...yup.

Now the whole family posed.  We got to be the subject of an attractive photo and the subject of an, um, er, different perspective photo.  We all looked like ourselves in the former, but the latter, that was a different story.

Dave made himself look like he had a teeny, tiny head, but fine.

He made my big guy look like he had the longest eyelashes ever.

He made my little guy look spooky.

And me...he made me look like I'm dripping skin off of my neck. 

So, as I'll be in California for Halloween and I can't really take an elaborate costume in my carry on, I've decided that my costume is a super high lumens flashlight, strapped to my torso, aimed upward.  That's all I'll need to be super scary.


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