Saturday, September 13, 2014


At 11:48 last night I received a text.  Texts sent at that time should be due to an emergency, right?


Little guy: "I need to get a haircut tomorrow."

...and that's why I'm super happy that I'm a deep sleeper.

Skip to today after I dropped my sweet kiddo off at the barber shop. 

Little guy:  "I'm ready to be picked up now."

So I got in my car and head right on over.  And what happened next took me completely by surprise.

1. I drove right by my kid who had started walking home...because I did not recognize him!

2. I did not recognize him because he had a mohawk...something I thought he'd never do because his mom, me, had one in high school, too.

Having a little "Like Mother, Like Son" bliss.

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