Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shooting Straight about Money

We've always been really honest with our kids about money.  They know how much we make, what we spend, what we can afford, and which times of year are more or less stressful money-wise.  And I think this is why conversations like this can happen.  That and he's just a really cool kid.

Little guy:  "You wouldn't believe what kinds of cars some of my friends are getting from their parents."

My little guy is fifteen and a lot of his friends are right at that getting-a-drivers-license age. 

Me:  "Really?"

Little guy:  "Yeah, one guy is getting a $60,000 truck from his dad, another is getting a Porche, and some twins are both getting Jeeps."

Me:  "And you get to share my Prius."

Little guy:  "Yeah, I'm fine with that."

I love how squarely his head is planted on his shoulders.

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