Monday, March 23, 2015

Baby Phyllis

My sweet chicken, Phyllis, was really sick a couple of weeks ago. Really sick.  I actually thought one night when I went to bed that by morning she'd be gone. But she's fine now, thankfully.

I was thinking about how she was when she was really sick and, by golly, that girl of mine was seriously acting like a baby. She wanted to be held constantly. She made a lot of racket. She pooped and threw up on me. She refused to go to sleep when I wanted her to. And, gosh, did that girl ever drool a lot. I mean some serious drool.

When I was giving her a snuggle the other day I kept thinking about what she must have looked like as a baby. I mean that girl of mine just had to be adorable. There is no doubt. So I had to try to paint a baby Phyllis. I had to! I couldn't help myself.

I love my girl!

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